DARC Podcast Lite

Powerful and cost effective.



Stereo Program



4 Mic

1 Bluetooth

1 Sound Pad



The DARC Podcast Lite is a cost effective and powerful software console, specifically designed to make your podcasts more effective and easier to produce.

With touchscreen technology, and multi-touch capability, the DARC Podcast Lite gives you a powerful software console at your fingertips. With all the tools necessary to produce a professional grade podcast, the DARC Podcast Lite will also add prestige and style for your studio.

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Easy to setup,

easy to use.

The DARC Podcast Lite is designed to be easy to setup and operate, while also feature laden. This makes your life easier, without sacrifice.


Simply connect your microphones, PC, and Bluetooth device, and you are up and running.


3 Types of Input Channels


4 High Performance mic channels. Perfect for a Guest/Host configuration.

High performance mic channels, with XLR inputs.

High performance mic preamps.

48 VDC phantom power included.


Genuine MIDAS preamplifier technology. Delivers ultra clear sound with plenty of headroom, MIDAS preamps are among the most popular mic pres on Earth. Preamps come standard with +48V phantom power onboard, so you can use your choice of quality condenser microphones with your UMC404HD.


Sound Pads

8 Programmable Sound Pads to quickly play any audio file.

Play any MP3, WAV or MP2 format audio file.

Loop the file, so it plays as much as needed.

Pause any sound pad file, and restart at any time.


The DARC Podcast Lite features 8 programmable sound effects pads for instant triggering of sound effects, music, intro and outros, or spots. Add any MP3, MP2 or WAV format file to your system, and have instant access.



The Bluetooth channel allows you to connect any Bluetooth enabled devices to channel 6 on the board.

Connect your phone using the Bluetooth channels to take calls and put callers on-air.

Connect your tablet wirelessly to the board, to play audio over the air.

Use a landline with your Bluetooth channels. Connect any landline phone system that has the Bluetooth headset option. This is excellent for any location that does not have quality cell service.

Quality comes standard with the latest in Bluetooth technology.


NOTE: Must have Bluetooth connectivity on your PC, with

Windows 10 version 2404 or newer.


The DARC Podcast Lite gives you the outputs and features you need to create a powerful and dynamic broadcast. For starters, there are 'Program' analog playback outputs, including ¼" TRS, RCA and XLR. This allows you to run your audio to another computer, or piece of equipment in your audio chain.


The Behringer hardware also includes a host headphone output with level control. This output can then be split to feed your guests, using the optional ARC-HP headphone preamp (or any other 3rd party headphone amp).

Professional grade podcasting is made easy with the DARC Podcast Lite. Built directly into the DARC Podcast Lite software is the ability to quickly and efficiently record directly onto your PC. Simply designate a name and click Record. Once finished with your show, click on Stop and it will save the show to your PC. You may now edit these files using any 3rd party editor of your choice.

What's included

Behringer UMC404HD

Audiophile 4x4, 24-Bit/192 kHz USB Audio/MIDI Interface with Midas Mic Preamplifiers


With the DARC Podcast Lite package, you will receive the Behringer UMC404HD hardware. Included with the UMC404HD are four remarkably pure, world-class MIDAS-designed mic pres and studio-grade 24-bit/192kHz converters. This will give you a clean, professional quality sound for your podcast studio.

DARC Podcast Lite

Software License


The DARC Podcast Lite license gives you everything you need to create a professional and potent podcast. The DARC Podcast Lite software will work on most Windows 10 PC's, and is exceptional when used with Touchscreen Monitors. Utilizing the multi-touch technology, you are able to control the DARC Podcast Lite with finesse and ease.

Email support

is included, along with extensive Online material. You will find hours of tutorials and walk-through material, that covers everything you need to know.


Access this material 24x7, and learn at your pace.