DIGILINK-XTREME Automation workhorse.
Tech Specs to brag about.

Excellent for Broadcast & Internet Radio

Satellite. Play all the different satellite shows & channels.

16 Channel Switcher - with no added fees, receive a Bridge switcher to handle all satellite


Professional Grade Sound Cards - No need to spend thousands on specialty sound cards.

Program and Cue sound cards are built in to the Bridge.

Custom Liners, ID's & Jingles - Create custom Liners, ID's & Jingles for all your different

satellite shows.


Live Assist. Running a live show, the Digilink-Xtreme can help.

Hot Key pages - Create an unlimited amount of Hot Key pages with custom names.

Playlist - Create custom playlists for your live shows.

Live Voicetracks - Quickly and Easily voicetrack your show live.


Automation. Play music and shows unattended.

Weekly Schedules - Create weekly schedules that rotate using music categories and cart


Voicetrack - Create voicetracks for your entire week in a matter of hours. Sound live when

the station is unattended.

Templates - Save & Load schedule templates, such as a Christmas schedule, for later use.

Copy & Paste Hours - Save hours of schedule with the Copy & Paste function. Copy Hours

or even days for quick scheduling.

Music Categories - Create up to 21 different music categories and schedule special music


3rd Party Traffic - Import 3rd party traffic schedules to quickly schedule your week.

Cart Rotations - create cart rotations for spots for easy scheduling and playback.

Start & Kill Dates - add kill dates for files to play at only certain times of the year.


Ball Games. Play High School, College & Pro Ball Games.

Flexible - With ball games, especially High School games, there are many ways to make

it work for your specific situation.

Fully Automated - Save TIME & MONEY by fully automating ball games. If you are able to

receive closures (ID, Spotset Break, Liners, Rain Delay/Return to Game & End Game), then

you can fully automate your games!

Rain Delay - Have a Rain Delay? The Digilink-Xtreme can take you to your backup schedule

and then back to the game when it comes time.

Start & Kill Dates / Cart Rotations - Supports kill dates as well as cart rotations.


Networkable. Do all your Production & Traffic scheduling from a remote PC

X-Sched Mode - use an advanced scheduling software product for scheduling, voicetracking, reporting and library management.

Standard Windows Network - Digilink-Xtreme uses a standard Windows network connection.

Scheduling - Schedule and reconcile your spot logs from a networked PC so you don't have to bother On Air Talent.

Production - Do all of your production from a networked PC. Easily send audio to 1 station

or to multiple stations.


Resources. Many ways to learn.

Phone Training - FREE unlimited training. We utilize GoToMyPC to log on to your PC and give a personal training session. Available Mon-Fri 8am to 4:30pm, excluding holidays.

Video Tutorials - Dozens of video tutorials to learn the software on your schedule and at

your pace.

Online Help - Use the Automated Troubleshooter or manuals for quick & easy help

Factory Training - FREE 2 day training at our Colorado facility.

Warranty - Your Bridge is protected. Any defective Bridge  will be replaced at no extra charge.


Internet Streaming Ready Compatible with 3rd party streaming services.

Compatible - The Digilink-Xtreme is ready to work with most major streaming services.

Title & Artist info - Send Title & Artist information to your website or streaming service.


Library Manager. Make production easy.

Format Files - Works with .mp3, .mp2 or .wav format files.

Auto-Name - Recognizes all .mp3 Tag data. Title, Artist, Album & Year. Saves hours when adding files to the system.


Recorder. Creating Podcasts are easier than ever.

Timed Record - Setup timed records to record at designated times for later playback. It also listens for audio and will only record when it gets audio, so no more dead air recordings.

Live Shows - Record your Live shows for playback later, or to send to your website as a


Automation Shows - Record your Automation player so you can play scheduled shows for

later use.

Copy & Paste - quickly and easily schedule a week of recordings by copy and pasting hours or days.


Reports. Create BMI/SoundExchange & Traffic Logs.

BMI & SoundExchange - Quickly and easily create music played reports for royalty


Spot Logs - Create spot logs to see what and when spots played.



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