This is the comprehensive solution for setting up a new Internet Radio Streaming Station.
INTERNET RADIO ONLY Starting at $15/mo Are you internet streaming only, have light needs for live assist and are not a terrestrial radio station?
Radio Wave Internet Radio

Arrakis Systems is proud to provide an extremely affordable solution for internet streaming only stations. This solution is Radio Wave. Please visit the Radio Wave site to learn more.


TERRESTRIAL & INTERNET RADIO Starting at $99/mo Do you own a terrestrial / internet station, and are looking for more live assist features? Internet Streaming made simple. Internet radio should be quick, simple and affordable. Arrakis Systems & Securenet Systems provide this solution. For only $99 per month*, you get:
The ultimate Internet Radio Streaming solution.

New~Wave Automation

FREE ($750 Value)         +

Securenet Systems

Streaming Service

Basic 300 package

Ready to play.


Sign-up for any Securenet Streaming package and get the New~Wave Automation software FREE, a $750 value. This is the ultimate, affordable Internet streaming package, that is turn-key ready to play. Create a station and broadcast in a matter of minutes.


Features from this package include:


Make money for doing what you love.

Instantly earn cash from banner ads and music sales on your streaming player.*


The New~Wave automation is a powerful software designed for professional applications, by a company in the radio industry for over 30 years. With New~Wave, you will have advanced audio features that will bring you that high quality professional sound.


Receive real-time reports on your audience. Including stats and market metrics reports. You can also receive player chat and song requests.*


With easy to integrate web widgets, add Streaming Players, Listen Now buttons, or Recently Played widgets.*


With New~Wave you have comprehensive access to your entire media library. Create music categories and create custom overlaps. New~Wave automatically reads MP3 tag info which automatically appends album art and allows you to sell tracks on your player.


Stream in MP3, or HE-AACv2 format, which is optimized for high quality streaming audio utilizing the latest encoder and Flash based Cirrus Player.*


Receive FREE mobile streaming apps for your listeners. Place your station logo and customize the player. Works with iOS & Android.*


Easy integration with your social network providers such as Facebook, Twitter & YouTube.*


Want to have Live Guests at your studio? Want to take call-ins that are both extremely high quality & reliable? You will need a Broadcast Console. Choose from the ARC-8 console (only $799) or go more powerful with one of our other boards.

Learn more.

Sign up with Securenet systems and get free radio automation software for your internet radio station.

*For more details about Securenet Systems and their product features, please visit their website. Securenet features can be changed at any time without notice.

How to Sign Up. Ready to get started? Getting signed up is easy as 1, 2, 3.


Sign up to get your FREE New~Wave automation software. Please fill out this form completely and accurately.


Sign up for one of Securenet's plans by going to this link.

To order by phone, or ask Securenet a question, please call 954-479-1299. Be sure to reference the offer and promo code NWFREE14.



Once your Securenet account has been created, we will ship your FREE New~Wave automation software. The software will arrive on a USB stick that will also be used as the unlock for the software.


-New~Wave will operate as long as the user is subscribed to one of Securenet's plans. The New~Wave will cease to operate if the Securenet subscription has ended for any reason.

-The New~Wave software requires an Internet connection to operate.

-It is list price $750 to purchase and own the New~Wave software.

-Support for New~Wave is email only, and includes a 30 minute computer configuration.

New to Internet Radio?

Internet radio can be intimidating, but it does not have to be. With our help, it can be extremely easy to setup and get on-air. To help understand the basics of Internet Radio, go to the Streaming Basics page to learn more.


Need help with setup?


There are many different providers and each have their own pricing structure & features. You will want to research which service will best fit your needs. All of our automation software will work with any streaming service, but it may be a matter of getting their software to recognize our Title & Artist information.



Note: The free New~Wave offer is only valid with Securenet Systems.

Want to use a different streaming provider?


Here are some features that you can enjoy with the proper hardware:

Time to get some new hardware.
Are you a streaming provider?

Arrakis Systems is adding streaming providers to our list of compatible services all the time. If you are a streaming service and would like to work with our automation systems, please go to

our Streaming Service Provider page to learn more.