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The New~Wave is available for purchase online using PayPal (Only for orders within the United States). If you are outside the US, or don't want to use PayPal, please contact for payment options.


STEP 1 - Simply select which product you would like to purchase, and then click on the 'Buy Now' button.

New~Wave Purchase Options

STEP 2 - This will take you to the PayPal page for payment processing. If you have a PayPal account, you may then log on and pay. If you do not have an account, you may select the option "Don't have a PayPal account," and enter in your information.


STEP 3 - Once we have received your order, and processed it, you will receive a notification email. Please provide a valid email address so we can keep you posted on the progress of the order. Standard lead time is approximately 1 to 2 days, but may be faster.


If you have any questions, or have any problems with the checkout process, then please contact our sales staff at

Financing is now available through PayPal.

Arrakis Systems is excited to announce that financing is now offered for select product through PayPal's "Bill Me Later" program. For more information, please click on the PayPal banner above.


Arrakis Systems is in no way liable for the PayPal "Bill Me Later" program, and any issue regarding the "Bill Me Later" program, needs to be handled directly through PayPal.


Helpful Purchase Tips


STEP 1 - Purchase Automation Software / PC / Wiring

-The first step is to find an automation software that meets the needs for your

station. Check the Comparison Chart to see which automation best fits your needs.


-It is critical to purchase a PC that meets the specs for the automation. You may purchase a fully Configured PC from us. Or make sure that if you purchase a PC, that it meets these specs.


-Wiring may be purchased direct from us in one of our install kits. Check out our Install Kits to see what will work best for you.


STEP 2 - Purchase Console

If you plan on doing a Live show at your station, then a console will be necessary in order to make your station sound professional. Choosing the type of console will depend on what you want to do. Such as how many host/guest microphones you want, call in shows, and other equipment that you will want to use. Go to our Console section to see which board will work the best for you and your station.


Since our automation software will work with any console, and if you already own a board, then it is likely that you will not need to replace it. Check with our sales staff to see if it may be time to upgrade your board.


STEP 3 - Purchase other equipment

If you are going to do a live show, you will likely need other equipment. This equipment may include, and is not limited to:



-Microphone processors

-Telephone Hybrid

-Microphone splitters



To purchase this equipment, you will want to speak with one of our dealers who can help you find what equipment will work best for you.



STEP 4 - Sign up for a Streaming Service

If you are planning on streaming your audio over the internet to more than 10 listeners, then you will need a streaming service. These streaming services provide you a server farm that allows you to broadcast to many listeners. They also provide encoder software that will get your audio to their server farm. There are many different providers and each have their own pricing structures. You will want to research which service will best fit your needs. Our automation software will work with any streaming service, but it may be a matter of getting their software to recognize our Title & Artist information. Contact our sales department to ask about a specific streaming service compatibility.


The current streaming companies that we are Title & Artist compatible with can be found by going to our Streaming Services Page.


STEP 5 - Get On Air!

Once you have the equipment, software and streaming service, you are ready to go ON AIR! If you purchased one of our consoles, we will assist you with the wiring and setup. We will also assist you with getting started with the software. After that, it is time to make money and sell your product!

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