DHD-Live Live Assist Software.
Tech Specs to brag about.

Excellent for Broadcast & Internet Radio

Live Assist. Running a live show, the New~Wave Lite can help.

Hot Key pages - Create an unlimited amount of Hot Key pages with custom names.

Playlist - Create custom playlists for your live shows.

File Info - Quickly view key information about your audio files.

Preview Player - Preview any of your audio files before you play them.

Library - Sort by cart number, title, artist, time and much more.

Reports - Allows you to view all audio that has recently played.

Multi-sort - Powerful multi-sort allows you to search multiple fields at once.

Meter display - Dozens of audio meters to choose from to display your audio.

Multi monitor display - Use as many monitors as you need to display all the DHD-Live screens.

Control with ARC console - Connect any ARC-10 or ARC-15 console via RS232 to your PC and you can start and stop the automation via channel on button.


Internet Streaming Ready Compatible with 3rd party streaming services.

Compatible - The DHD-Live is ready to work with most major streaming services.

Title & Artist info - Send Title & Artist information to your website or streaming service.


Multi Player Output. 1+ outputs.

ARC Board - Connect an ARC series board with a USB sound card to use on-air.

Connect - DHD-Live allows you to connect to multiple sound cards for playout.

RDS-RBDS - DHD-Live supports data output via RS232 comport to 3rd party RDS encoders. Supported encoders are industry standard models: Audemat-Aztec, Inovonics, and BE.


Reports. Create BMI/SoundExchange & Traffic Logs.

BMI & SoundExchange - Quickly and easily create music played reports for royalty


Spot Logs - Create spot logs to see what and when spots played.


Sound Professional. DHD-Live makes your live shows sound professional.

Perfect Overlaps - Every audio file can be tagged with an EOM time to start play of the next audio file. Listen to the end of the audio file in the DHD-Live Library Manager screen and select the EOM point. When the file is played back in the play list the overlap will always be perfect.

Audio File Formats - DHD-Live is designed for simultaneous play of uncompressed WAV, compressed MP2, and compressed MP3 audio files.

Cart Rotations - Create cart rotations for your spots or liners. Allowing you to shuffle your audio files nad have that professional sound.

Start & Kill Dates - For advanced play list playback, DHD-Live supports start and kill dates so that out of date carts will not be played.


Resources. Many ways to learn.

Manual - An extensive manual is included with the software.

Video Tutorials - Dozens of video tutorials to learn the software on your schedule and at

your pace.

Online Help - Use the Automated Troubleshooter or manuals for quick & easy help.



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