If you are planning on streaming your audio over the Internet, then you will need a streaming service. These streaming services provide you a server farm that allow you to broadcast over the Internet. They also provide encoder software that will get your audio to their server farm.


There are many different providers and each have their own pricing structure & features. You will want to research which service will best fit your needs. All of our automation software will work with any streaming service, but it may be a matter of getting their software to recognize our Title & Artist information. Contact our sales department to ask about a specific streaming service compatibility.


The current streaming companies that we are Title & Artist compatible with are:


Data Casting Only

This list is expanding regularly, so please contact us if you want to use a streaming service that is not listed. Note, it may take time to add compatibility to a new service.


Are you a streaming service, and would you like to be compatible with our automation systems? Please go to this link here to learn more.