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Every company is unique. And that is why Arrakis Systems provides dynamic solutions that can be tailored specific for your needs. Other automation product tote their proprietary remote access, which has limited functionality and security concerns. Whereas we focused on providing comprehensive solutions that empower you and your staff, utilizing world standard product that is both safe & effective.

Multiple solutions.

Remote access solutions are more powerful and prevalent in our technology driven world. Each have their benefits and draw backs. Whether it is cost, ease of use, or features, it is important to choose which solution best matches your needs.


Our automation product is designed to work with world standard remote access product. The product listed on this page are the different recommended solutions for connecting you and your staff to your station.


Please review all the solutions and choose which will work best for you. One solution may fill all of your needs, or you may choose to go with multiple products. If you have any questions, please email             sales@arrakis-systems.com for help.

5 users - FREE 25 Users - $29 per year

Another VPN option is to utilize the Cisco VPN routers. There are some limitations to this method, but can be very effective. Learn more.

Gateway to Gateway Host - $1,200 Client - $800 each Dyn DNS acct - $20 Yearly

The Remote Access Server is a solution that may fill

two needs. One, it gives you remote access to your on-air studios

anywhere in the world. And two, it backs-up your computers for comprehensive

redundancy. Learn more.

Remote Access Server - $3,300

Google Chrome Remote Desktop is a very powerful option for remotely accessing your studios. It is a software solution that gives you free access to your studios. Learn more.

1 Computer - $99 per year 5 Computers - $495 per year