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Time to get some new hardware.


Here are some features that you can enjoy with the proper hardware:

New to Internet Radio?

Internet radio can be intimidating, but it does not have to be. With our help, it can be extremely easy to setup and get on-air. To help understand the basics of Internet Radio, go to the Streaming Basics page to learn more.


Need help with setup?


Want to use a different streaming provider?

There are many different providers and each have their own pricing structure & features. You will want to research which service will best fit your needs. All of our automation software will work with any streaming service, but it may be a matter of getting their software to recognize our Title & Artist information.



Note: The free New~Wave offer is only valid with Securenet Systems.

Are you a streaming provider?

Arrakis Systems is adding streaming providers to our list of compatible services all the time. If you are a streaming service and would like to work with our automation systems, please go to

our Streaming Service Provider page to learn more.