Learn how to get started with internet radio. Create your own internet radio station and make money!
What is the value of Internet Radio?
Learn what the advantages and value to Internet streaming radio stations.

Traditional radio requires you to have a large, and VERY expensive transmitter to send your broadcast to your audience. Getting FCC approval can take months, and transmitter maintenance is an endless battle.

As a contrast, Internet Radio allows you to connect to a worldwide audience, after only minutes of setup, at an extremely affordable price. With smart phones, and built-in Internet access in newer vehicles, Internet Radio is becoming more and more popular.

How does Internet Radio work?

Internet Radio can be intimidating, but it is actually really straight forward.

Internet streaming is very simple and straight forward.
Create your content.

Content is king, and the most critical part of the entire Internet Radio process. To attract an audience, you must produce a show that helps you standout from the competition. We can help.


There are 2 parts to creating your content:

Learn about what hardware is necessary for internet radio.


Learn about which internet radio automation streaming software will best fit your needs.


Send your content to your streaming service.
Learn how a internet streaming service can help distribute your content for your internet radio station.

Your personal Internet bandwidth is too limited to allow the needed amount of listeners to follow your Internet station. To overcome this, there are Internet streaming services that have server farms that take your content and then share it to your listeners. These server farms for Internet streaming is the same as to transmitters for traditional radio.


Streaming services use encoders to take your audio & meta data from your station to their server farms. Each streaming service uses their own encoder and are often free with their service.


Once setup, the streaming service gives you the ability to embed players onto your website as well as use their mobile apps. At that point, you may have listeners follow your station from anywhere in the world.

Report music played, and watch the cash flow.


It is important to report your copyright protected music to sound exchange.

If you plan on playing copyright protected music, then by law, you will need to register with


Now is the time to make a profit from having yoru own internet radio station.