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We focused on the big picture, but never lost sight of the details. Introducing the most powerful and flexible radio automation system on the market.


Digilink-HD saves the user time and money, without compromise. Whether you want to connect with 8+ studios from a single computer, or throw together a quick, brilliant sounding voice track that gives you a dynamic live sound. Digilink-HD will give you the power and flexibility when you need it.


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Digilink-HD is the most powerful radio automation software on the market. Excellent for large radio stations and groups.
DIGILINK-HD-AIR Hard Disk Solution

$4,000 List price

ON SALE - $2,699


Digilink-HD-AIR is the Hard Disk only member of the Digilink-HD family. It gives you everything you need to run a Hard Disk only radio station or group. It has all the features of Digilink-HD, minus the satellite & ball games features.


It even includes a DHD-DAC for FREE. This gives you a professional grade sound card, for a single play output. Learn more about the DHD-DAC here.


DIGILINK-HD-COMPLETE Hard Disk + Satellite Solution

$10,500 List price

ON SALE - $5,999

or $200 per month


Digilink-HD-Complete is the full featured version of Digilink-HD. It has everything that Digilink-HD-AIR has, including the satellite switcher, which allows you to do satellite automation along with Ball Games.


Digilink HD is excellent for networking multiple stations or studios for radio automation.

Connect up to 10 On-Air studios and unlimited auxiliary studios. Record your voice tracks, change your schedules, add audio to specific stations and manage your audio libraries. All this can be done on a single networked station.


With Digilink-HD Tools, you have an all access pass to all networked stations. This gives your staff the ability to do their work from any studio, at any time, on their schedule. Letting you get more done in less time.

Learn more.


Live Assist

Power isn't just muscle, it also includes flexibility and agility. The live assist screens within Digilink-HD, is exactly that, power. Each DJ has quick access to all major components for live assist. Add a second monitor, and immediately you have twice the information at your fingertips.


Touchscreen compatible, the Digilink-HD allows you to access Hot Keys on the fly. You can also create custom playlists, look at reports and search through your audio database in seconds. This allows your DJ to create exquisite voice tracks using the 3 fader outputs.


Got a specific song in mind, but can't remember the name? Use the powerful search function. Have a phone call and want to quickly record the call for instant playback, use the Recorder. DHD enables your DJ's to do more, with more.

Learn more.


Hard Disk Automation

With Digilink-HD, you can create elaborate music schedules, schedule spots, and create 24 hour, 7 day a week schedules.


You can also create simple, quick and effective voice tracks for overnight as well. The hard disk automation is powerful, easy to setup and very effective. So now you can sound live, even when no one is at the station.

Voice Tracking

Want to sound live 24x7 without the costs of being live 24x7? Digilink-HD gives you the ability to create ellaborate voice tracks using its built in segue editor and voice track recorder.


As your song fades out, play a music bed under your voice track. Auto-duck the incoming song and finish your voice track clean and tight. The process is quick, and very customizable, thus expanding your "Live" hours to when no one is at the station. Learn more.




Satellite Automation*

With Digilink-HD hardware and software, you get the ability to stream satellite feeds live, or even record your shows or news for later playback.

Learn more.


Ball Games* The ball games feature for Digilink-HD allows you to play professional, college, or local games. It is able to receive commands to trigger local breaks, station ID's, and liners. It can also take rain delay and return to game commands for if a game gets rained out.

*Digilink-HD-Complete only.


Remote Access

Want to connect to your automation from your home living room, or at a remote ball game? With the remote access features of DHD, you can. Do you have a DJ in Los Angeles who wants to do voice tracks, but your studio is in New York? Remote access bridges these gaps and allows you to work where you want, and when you want.


This optional feature within Digilink-HD uses the latest in VPN technology to give you quick, comprehensive and secure connections to your studios. Learn more.


Remotely access your radio automation software from anywhere in the world.
See what our automation customers are saying about our Radio Automation product, Digilink-HD.
Reliable A primary focuses in the design of DHD was reliability. For example: ▪ The Bridge hardware does not have any moving parts, resulting in extreme durability and longevity. ▪ The On-Air software is programmed to work on a processor core separate from other applications. This allows the PC to juggle what it is doing, and not affect your On-Air feed. ▪ Auxiliary applications, such as DHD-Tools, is ran as a separate application from the On-Air. So if an auxiliary software fails, it won't affect what is on air. ▪ The software works with any standard PC, and is therefore extremely easy to replace in the case of an emergency.
3rd Party Software Compatibility


Digilink-HD works with all major 3rd party Traffic & Music scheduling software. This allows you to use the software that you are accustomed to and integrate into the DHD schedule seamlessly.

Audio Conversion


We are able to convert most types of audio libraries from existing and old automation systems. Email sales@arrakis-systems.com to find out what options you have available.


With the Digilink-HD radio automation software, you are supported. There are over 2 hours of video tutorials available on our website 24x7, along with manuals and training courses.


Included with the purchase of the Digilink-HD you can receive FREE training over the phone. During these trainings, we will use GoToMyPC to log on and teach all the basics to help get you on the air quickly and effectively.


You may also choose to train here at our factory, free of charge. Or we may come to your station for a nominal fee (email sales@arrakis-systems.com for latest pricing).

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