DHD-DAC USB Sound card


Professional radio requires a professional sound card. The DHD-DAC sound card is the solution for those who do not want to use the standard PC sound card, and do not want to spend thousands.


Only $500

The Arrakis DHD-DAC stereo audio player is a play only USB sound card for use with Windows PCs and USB HID compatible Apple computers. It is designed for professional audio applications that require +4dBu balanced audio levels. It features an extremely high audio performance digital to analog converter (0.006% THD and 98dB dynamic range typical). With both analog and digital outputs, it is perfect for professional audio applications. It also features industry standard XLR and RJ45 audio connector outputs for ease of installation. The DHD-DAC is ideal for use with the Arrakis New Wave and Digilink-HD radio automation software systems.

Tech Specs


Digital Out connector - This connector provides a SPDIF digital audio output  from the digital audio converter.


RJ45 Analog Out connector - Excellent for connecting to a balanced ARC series console.


XLR Left & Right connectors - This is a balanced XLR left and right channel analog output.


USB connector - This is the USB input that connects to your PC or USB HID compatible Apple computers.


Headphone out - This 1/4" headphone output will drive high impedance headphones (>8ohms).




SNR = 98dB

Dynamic Range: 98dB

Max Out: +23dBu balanced

Output Level: +4dBu (typ)

Output adjust: -12dBFS in

+14dBu to -20dBu output



110VAC - 220VAC

50-60Hz autosensing

Certified UL, CE, CS, CB

External inline module



3in W x 5 3/4in L x 1 3/4 D


1 year warranty (factory parts and labor)


The New~Wave software plus DHD-DAC hardware bundle combines the strengths of the New~Wave software with the professional features of the DHD-DAC USB player hardware. The software is perfect for live or automated on air radio or internet radio, while the hardware provides the high performance USB play sound card with professional balanced analog and SPDIF digital outputs, that the PC lacks. And because it is an external box that connects to the PC by USB, there are no clumsy sound cards or drivers to install inside the PC. The internal PC sound card is used for appropriate background tasks such as Cuing and recording voice tracks. This remarkable combination of software and hardware creates a powerful, professional digital audio workstation for today's divers radio applications.


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Bundle with the New~Wave and save.

Only $1,100