DARC Virtual Console

AoIP for Everyone.

Audio over IP does not need to be complicated or expensive. With the DARC Virtual Console, you can control any Dante network audio source. Mix, adjust levels, everything you need for an On-Air or production room console.

Introducing, DARC Virtual 4.1

DARC Virtual 4.1 is the latest version in the DARC Virtual AoIP & software console series. New features include:

-Dynamic source switching that allow you to connect to 64 input sources.

-Use any ASIO enabled soundcard.

-8 Phone Mix Minus Buses to connect to eight phone hybrids.

-Single Channel Playback for podcasters. This allows you to stream and record individual channels, post fader.

-10 point multi touch for touch screens. This allows you to control multiple faders at the same time.

-Advanced user presets. Quickly and easily switch from one show layout to the next.

-Soft keys for quickly triggering closures, user presets and more.

-Performance improvements.


A Virtual Console designed for you.

starting at $500.


Meet DARC, an intuitive, powerful Virtual Software Console. Capable of either utilizing Dante AoIP or paired with an affordable off the shelf ASIO soundcard. DARC Virtual is a powerful mixing console that is everything you need for a software mixer. Flexible and powerful for your needs today, and tomorrow.

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Virtual Broadcast Console.

4, 8, 12 or 16 input channels.

3 Stereo output buses.

Choose your size

Purchase the size of virtual console you need. Each size is capable of playing up to 64 input sources. Simply choose how many faders you need for your setup.

4 Channel    -   $500 list

8 Channel    -   $800 list

12 Channel  -   $1,000 list

16 Channel  -   $1,200 list


IMPORTANT NOTE: It is required to have Dante enabled hardware, such as the Simple IP node, to use DARC Virtual. Or use any ASIO enabled soundcard, such as the Behringer UMC1820 to operate as a standalone unit.


Touchscreen, multi-touch compatible

Utilizing the latest in touchscreen technology, the DARC Virtual software allows you to control up to 10 faders at the same time. Giving you the power of a traditional console, in a small package of a simple touchscreen.


Configurable size

Choose between 4, 8, 12 or 16 input channels. This gives you the ability to expand or shrink the DARC Virtual Console, allowing you to run other programs such as the APEX side by side.*


*This requires a PC with enough RAM, along with a powerful enough processor and SSD to run two programs at once. Depending on the PC, we may recommend running only the DARC Virtual, and no other software.

Simple & Configurable

The DARC Virtual Console can be ran as a stand alone unit, or in conjunction with an AoIP network with multiple studios. It will control any Dante enabled audio device on your LAN, whether it is a source connected to our Simple IP units, or any Dante device such as the Dante AVIO.

Standalone Unit | ASIO soundcard

With the DARC Virtual 4.1 update, you can now use any ASIO enabled soundcard for your audio inputs and outputs. There is no need to use the Dante AoIP system. Simply connect any ASIO enabled soundcard, such as the Behringer UMC1820 Audio Interface, to your PC, and then connect all your audio equipment to your USB Audio Interface.

DARC Virtual Software, ran on a Windows PC

USB Audio Interface

Connect all your audio inputs & outputs here. Such as headphones, mics, phone systems, etc. Use up to 64 inputs that can be used in the DARC Virtual software. We recommend hardware that has at least 8 mono inputs and outputs.

AoIP Configuration

Since DARC controls any Dante audio source, you can configure DARC to control any audio source on your LAN. This allows you to make your setup as large and complex as your studios require. Which also allows you to expand your operations in the future.

GB Switch

Connect all your studios to the same LAN using a standard GB switch.

DARC Virtual Software

Controls any audio source on your Dante network.

Simple IP

Connect all your audio inputs and outputs here.

Learn more.

DARC Surface

Console control surface that utilizes DARC Virtual to control audio sources on your Dante network.

Learn more.

Analog Source

Connect any of your existing consoles to the Dante network, either using Simple IP, or a Dante AVIO device.

Learn more.

Auxiliary Studio

Connect any of your existing studios to the Dante network, either using Simple IP, or a Dante AVIO device.

Learn more.

AES67 Studio

Connect any of your existing AoIP studios that are using AES67 compliant equipment, such as Wheatstone, Telos, or Lawo.

Rack Room

If you prefer your equipment centralized, you may bring your audio inputs and outputs to a rack room. All I/O will be accessible anywhere on your Dante network.

Dynamic source select

DARC Virtual allows you to connect up to 64 mono inputs. Assign each input as either mono microphone, or stereo line inputs. Then, from the console, select which sources you want assigned to each channel.


Each source input has its own label, audio level and fader color.


User Profiles

Setup User Profiles to quickly switch between different shows. The user profile feature saves the sources selected, the desired volume levels as well as which channels are on/off. This allows you to quickly switch between different user profiles at the click of a button.

3 Types of Channels


Simple IP  Required

1 to 16 Mic channels. Your choice, your configuration. Simply connect your mics to the Simple IP inputs. Each Simple IP box allows you to connect up to 4 mic channels. Channels are software assignable.

Mic Pre Needed. Simple IP are all high level stereo inputs. Mic channels require an external mic preamp with mono to stereo wiring.

Mic Monitor Mute. Mic channels will automatically mute the monitor output when activated.

  Stereo Line

Simple IP  Required

1 to 16 Inputs. Software assignable line inputs. Simply connect your audio source outputs to the Simple IP inputs. Each Simple IP box allows you to connect up to 4 Stereo Line inputs.

Analog I/O. Analog RJ45 inputs and outputs with the Simple-IP-8A.

+4dBu or -10dBu analog inputs. Simple-IP-8A is jumper selectable between balanced +4dBu and unbalanced -10dBu inputs.



Simple IP  Required

1 to 8 Phone channels. Within the DARC software, choose to assign one to eight of your I/O on the Simple IP to a phone mix-minus to connect to your phone hybrid.

Mix-Minus. Once a channel has been assigned as a Phone channel in the software, it will configure to audio to work with your phone hybrid.

Talkback. With the Phone channel setup, the first mic channel will have a Talkback function that allows you to talk to the caller off line.

  Logic Outputs

Optional Add-on

2 Logic Output. As an optional add-on, add logic outputs to the DARC family. This USB logic output connects to your PC, and is controlled via the DARC Virtual Console software. This is programmable to turn on On-Air Lights, trigger phone hybrids, etc... This option gives you 2 relay outputs.

8 Logic Output. 2 outputs not enough? Get the 8 logic output USB control instead.

16 Logic Inputs. 16 input device that allows you to trigger EAS emergency alert switch-over, channel on/off, and user presets.


3 Output Buses

  Program - Audition - Utility - Monitor - Cue - Headphone

PGM, AUD, UTL. DARC can assign output control to any output on your Dante network. This may be one of our Simple IP units, which has 4 stereo outputs per box.

Monitor, Cue & Headphone outputs. Utilize the Cue function built in to the DARC software to play audio off-air through your monitor, cue or headphones. Monitor, Cue and Headphones all connect to your Simple IP unit.

Mic Monitor Mute. Mic channels will automatically mute the monitor output and play audio through the headphones when activated. Talk back audio plays through headphones as well.

Single Channel Playback

DARC Virtual channels 1 - 5 allow for individual channel, post fader, playback.


PODCASTERS - This is excellent for podcasters who may want to record each channel individually for editing. These outputs are post fader, and are assigned to specific outputs for easy mapping. Using ASIO, you can assign an editing software to directly connect to the DARC Virtual Channel for easy, wireless, recording.

Power of software.

Connect from anywhere.

Remote Control. As a Windows based software, you may use any 3rd party remote access software, such as GoToMyPC, LogMeIn & more. Access your studio anywhere in the world, using the latest and most secure software in the world. Making your console accessible anywhere at any time.

Touch Screen compatible. The DARC Virtual Console is touch screen compatible, and will work with any Windows based hardware.

Configurable. The power of the DARC software, is that you can choose how many input channels & faders to have control over. Purchase either 4, 8, 12 or 16 channels to interface with.

Control any Dante audio source. DARC lets you control any Dante audio inputs or outputs on your LAN. Simply select the inputs and outputs via the Dante Controller. Or use an affordable off the shelf ASIO USB Audio Interface.

Manage channel labels programmatically. Name an input channel as desired. Giving you the ability to quickly and easily see what input you are managing.


What you need to get started

To get started with DARC Virtual is extremely simple. You only need two components:


(1) Audio Hardware - You need to connect your audio sources, such as your microphones, headphones, phone systems, automation, etc... This can be to a Dante audio network, or with a standalone ASIO USB Audio Interface.


For AoIP, you can do this using Simple IP nodes, Dante AVIO adapters, Dante Virtual Sound Card, or any other Dante enabled device. Once your device(s) is connected to the Dante network, this step is complete.


For a standalone unit, you can use a USB Audio Interface, such as the Behringer UMC1820.


(2) DARC Virtual software - Then all you need is the DARC Virtual console software ran on a Windows PC (not included). This software is designed to recognize Dante devices on your Local Area Network (LAN), and then gives you the ability to control any of these devices. Or, connect the USB Audio Interface via USB to the PC running the DARC Virtual, and select the ASIO device in the DARC Virtual software.


DARC Surface (Optional) - You can now connect other optional equipment to your Dante network to expand your setup as necessary. Whether you want to use a physical control surface such as the DARC Surface, or add more equipment to your Dante AoIP network such as Simple IP. It is all expandable to as large as you want or need.




That all said, we give you a quick and easy way to get started, and that is by purchasing turn-key bundle packages such as the ones listed below:

Bundle Packages

4 Channel Console

$1,900 ($100 in savings)

DARC Virtual 4 Console software license

Qty 1 Simple IP

PC not included

8 Channel Console

$3,100 ($1,600 in savings)

DARC Virtual 8 Console software license

Qty 2 Simple IP

PC not included

12 Channel Console

$4,000 ($2,000 in savings)

DARC Virtual 12 Console software license

Qty 3 Simple IP

PC not included

16 Channel Console

$5,100 ($2,200 in savings)

DARC Virtual 16 Console software license

Qty 4 Simple IP

PC not included

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AoIP for Everyone.


Need audio over IP? Simple-IP is the solution. Connect any analog or digital audio sources to Simple-IP putting your boards on the Dante network This simple and reliable solution will save you time and money.

Quickly connect any analog or digital audio source to play into a Dante audio network, at an extremely affordable price.


Configured PC


Purchase a fully configured Dell Optiplex Micro from us. This PC will be ready for use out of the box to work with the DARC Virtual Console software.


For the most effective support experience, we recommend the purchase of a configured PC from us.



Need microphone channels?


The ARC-MIC-PRE is a 2 channel mic preamp that can be directly connected to your balanced RJ45 console line inputs on the Simple IP Nodes. This converts two of your line inputs into mic level inputs.


Learn more.


APEX-Live is the ultimate live assist software for any Internet or Broadcast radio station. It is flexible, with customizable user interfaces; and powerful with numerous features. Use it in tandem with APEX, or as a stand alone software. And even better, it is FREE with DARC Virtual.


Learn more.






Other Accessories.

Need cables, additional power supplies, phantom power supply, or other gear to help you get started? Go here.