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The following is a set of quotes from just a few of our satisfied customers. We would like to express our appreciation to the many thousands of Console customers whose feedback and input has made our Consoles such a success.





St. Lawrence University's KSLU radio (student run version of WSLU) recently was lucky enough to receive a newly built studio space this past fall. As part of this new studio we also, we were also looking for a new console. I knew we needed something that would last generations of students to come, while being easy to use and versatile at the same time. The ARC-10U fit the bill, all at a price our small station could manage. Its consumer level inputs were perfect for our ipod-toting airstaff, and the high-quality faders can keep up with the quality we hope to spread on the air. Thanks Arrakis!


Kurt Malkames






I really like the fact that Arrakis is affordable and nice to use. Being a small local radio station, the MARC 15 is just what our station was looking for. The Arrakis technical support has been extremely helpful with all of our questions and issues we have had. WGRG is part of the local school system and the Arrakis MARC-15 will be used in our Introduction to Radio Broadcasting class. Students are excited to use the latest and up to date equipment. The Arrakis MARC-15 will be a great addition to our vast array of technologically advanced equipment. We all look forward to using our Arrakis MARC-15.



Greg Smith







Very depenable,Easy to install, Good support, Priced Right.


Steve Ross





These audio mixers are the best value for the very best quality. We looked around to try to find a radio station ready audio mixer board and was unable to find one that meets the basic needs of a radio station without paying thousands of dollars more for the quality and reliability of the Arrakis audio mixers. The design is simple and flexible, and our operators say that this is the easiest boards they have ever used. We like the size of these audio mixer boards, they fit well in any size of studio. The connections are easy to make, and the board is easy to set up.


Darren Perkins






 AWWWW what can i say i am a long time customer so that speaks volumes!








We have been Arrakis customers for 20 years and we love everything about them!


LaGanzie Kale





The Arc8 is portable in size, but is big in audio quality.


Jose Abrao Filho







  I read your article in the November 2, 2011 issue of Radio World on the Arrakis ARC-8 with considerable interest, as I have been using the ARC-8 since December of 2009...


   Why does a ham radio station need a mixer at all?...  I am one of the Net Control Stations for the Egyptian Radio Club, W9AIU, Tuesday night VHF net.  My station, WA9BRQ, is the source of replaying Bill Pasternak, WA6ITFs Amateur Radio Newsline and Hap Holly, KC9RPs RainReport.  I standardized on Bob Heils 600 ohm mics (presently using the Heil PR40) which led me to make all audio devices 600 ohm.  Really an easy decision because the TS2000 is 600 ohm audio input.


   After downloading ARNewsline  and the RainReport from their respective web sites, I utilize the magic of Arrakis X-edit Pro to edit both pieces for the 10-minute time limit on Amateur Radio.  After cutting and editing, they are played for air with the Arrakis Digilink Extreme software through the ARC-8 channel 8 computer optimized fader.  The audio level on these news reports sometimes is left wanting.  There are times when the audio is heavy; but more often, I find the audio a bit thin.  The Arrakis ARC-8 makes riding gain very easy, just lightly pushing the digital VU meters into the red.  Headphones are used to be absolutely sure I have proper audio levels as the audio signals are fed to the Kenwood.   At times I will utilize the bidirectional channel 8 to record the full net operations to the computer and then on CD.


   As you know, amateur radio operators love to experiment.  Our radio club has two members in California, one in Nevada and one in Virginia.  Why should we do a net that these members are unable to check in?  That just would not do for me.  I came to possess a Gentner Audio Coupler for “phone patch” use.  That feeds the ARC-8 channel 7 mix-minus fader.  I admit that I have still not put this to its final use; but it works fine with local calls.  When I have mastered the art of using and hosting the phone callers successfully; the Gentner Auto Coupler will go on the air with each net.


   OK, to sum up my experience with the Arrakis ARC-8, the Arrakis X-edit Pro and the Arrakis Digilink Extreme; I could not be more pleased and satisfied with the products.  When I first saw the ARC-8 advertised by BSW, I immediately ordered one.  After opening the box containing the ARC-8 and reading every sheet of printing therein TWICE, I began the installation in WA9BRQ.  Arrakis supplied all the necessary cables, USB and CAT 5, and I already had the mic audio cables with XLR connectors; and I put the equipment on the air.  Working with me to be sure I did it correctly was Jack Leverich, MIS/ENG, Sinclair Broadcasting KDNL-TV; Jack is KC9KY and a valued member of our radio club.


   All in all, the folks out in Loveland, Colorado have been very helpful in allowing access to download software from their website and in giving advice to make this a successful installation of their ARC-8.  They have a lot to be proud of with their line of audio mixers, from the ARC-8 for a small radio station to the new MARC-15 and on up to the REVOLUTION and X-MIXER SERIES.  The Arrakis ARC-8 is the ideal audio mixer for the small market radio station as well as the amateur radio operator who wants better control of their audio.


Walt Wise







I love my new ARC-8 Console. We replaced a worn out, 32 Year Old Console. The ARC-8 is easy to use, small, Digital Meters, it's just what the Doctor Ordered!


Scott Bailey







(about the ARC-8) Simple to use and easy to train!


Roy Brown







(what they like about the ARC series) The easy access of the board for repair.


Terry Canterbury





Sunshine Radio Network


Runs without any problems. The arc 8 and arc 10 are the most dependable console that I have ever used, and I have been radio over 40 years. Have recommended Arrakis to several radio stations. Why pay more and get less.


Thomas Abdoo






KGAR likes our Arrakis ARC-10 console because of its simplicity. For a high school radio station, we can use the ARC-10 as a tool for learning and developing future broadcasters to their fullest potential.


Matthew Boam






Really like the Arc-8 my students have really enjoyed the ease of use, and the board offers everything we need for a small studio.


Matthew Waters






(about the ARC-10 console) Affordable price, easy installation.


Alan White






(about the ARC-8) No frills, easy to install, ready to go.


Ben Overbaugh





The 1200-10 console was so easy to use that it required about 10 minutes of training to have the DJs ready. I would recommend these products to anyone who wants to install their system and not worry about it later.


Rob Wright






Very user friendly products. Great customer Support.


Michael Johnson






Users like the product and it is affordable. never heard anything negative about it.


Patricia Reiser






The Arrakis 1200 still works, it has been more than 15 years and the Arrakis products still dish out the clean music it started from day 1, what else can you ask for.


Sundance Apolinario





Very Reliable!


Jeff Bankston