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The following is a set of quotes from just a few of our satisfied customers. We would like to express our appreciation to the many thousands of Automation customers whose feedback and input has made our Automation systems such a success.





Wonderful, one of my best employees! lets me take some time off!!!!


Rob Clutter






Oh gosh, we have used arrakis for years, and we have been a fan of how easy to use the audio board is. My students are big fans of the DL-4 and liked working with the arrakis revolution touch screen console.


Matthew Waters






Easy for new people to learn. Everything available from main screen. Layout of main screen. Ability to look backward and forward. Accountablility of software. Customer Service and Tech Support is easy to get and great to help.


Joe Pedicino






I have had experience with the Digilink Automation system as an engineer and it was a good product.


Tim Dobson, ENG WFPA - AM





Products have evolved over the years to change with the times. The best DOS-based satellite automation of all time was the Digilink series.


Bill Wolfenbarger







The Xtreme is just like the Energizer keeps going and going and going...


Rodney Rockwell





We've been using Xtreme for several years now and remain very pleased with it's functionality. The software is very user friendly and the setup is a breeze. I'm very impresses at how easily Xtreme handles the transition to automated sports broadcasts. I would recommed the Xtreme automation software to anyone.


Chris Winkle






The Arrakis Digilink is still running, The Arrakis 1200 still works, it has been more than 15 years and the Arrakis products still dish out the clean music it started from day 1, what else can you ask for.


Sundance Apolinario






AWWWW what can i say i am a long time customer so that speaks volumes!








When digilink came out many years ago it did a great job for stations just getting into automation. Easy to set up and ran like a pro. Now Xtreme seems to have moved Arrakis froward in the automation race...glad to see that.


Larry Wilkins







 Arrakis’ Extreme Automation system name is extreme. Extremely easy to use, extremely flexible, extremely powerful and the support team is extremely helpful. We use 6 inputs on the Bridge to run sports, news and music and the system handles it with ease. Our Extreme PC crashed and we were back up and completely running again in 18 minutes with a spare PC in the station. We are by no means a large station, but with the Extreme Automation System, we have the capability of large stations without having to have a full time systems engineer on staff to handle the workload. The 1200-10 console was so easy to use that it required about 10 minutes of training to have the DJs ready. I would recommend these products to anyone who wants to install their system and not worry about it later.


Rob Clutter








George Hairston




Woodland Hills Radio


We still supplement our studio with an Arrakis 150SC puchased in 1990, used, from a New Hampshire radio station. I enjoy the big pots, VU meters, monitor muting, built in relays and start buttons, telco inputs, and the familiar classic feel for live productions. The new Arc-8 fills that space and is a great tool for small local operations like ours that toggle between live and automated broadcasts. With Xtreme, we can schedule a switch to a telephone or VOIP hybrid, and broadcast live remotes. We can also schedule programs and review logs from the local network. We love it!


John Tobin





Easy to use. Easy to install. Versatile. Just right for the price!


Howard Monroe






Ease of use and intuitive. New operators grasp DigiLink Xtreme's features in an instance. Even our experienced operators continue to be amazed at the depth of features in Xtreme.


John Harper






Very depenable,Easy to install, Good support, Priced Right.


Steve Ross






I like the ease of use and the assistance of the staff when there is a question or problem.


Frank Edmondson







I like the price, the dependability of the software, the ease of use, but most of all I like the personal attention given to me each time I have contacted Arrakis for help. I have been to Arrakis for training, watched online videos and consulted the manuals and find Arrakis support and documentation to be the best by far of any automation product I have used. Most recently I have enjoyed videos that are online. I can watch these on my laptop PC anywhere I have internet, so I have used them as a refresher course of sorts in anticipation of needing to teach some co-workers about Xtreme. The videos are not too technical, not too long, and yet cover the needed information.


Chris Daniel,






I love the flexability of Xtreme, we use it for Hard Disc programming, but the ability to customize our format is awesome. I have been using Xtreme from the beginning, and love the technical support! The best in the business! The updates keep everything running smooth and there has been no downtime with this set up. We import a secondary traffic program with no problems, the production room communicates very well with the studio computer, and makes it so easy to get production from one room to the other. Putting all of this together in a friendly interface is why we will continue to sing the Xtreme praises, but the best part of the whole system is the hassle free pricing. Month to month, or yearly contracts with the savings you guys are way ahead of the curve! Thanks for a great product!





I love the game features since I can run it hands off. It's easy to use and understand. It is bullet

proof, reliable. Customer support has always been responsive.


JR Lewis






I have been using Arrakis Automation for 12 years now, and I love the $100 a month program.








The Techs' patience in helping wzyx when we have a question or problem like programing ahead for days and can fill in daily updates when necessary, like daily. Like using our choice and listeners requests of what Oldies Mix means locally. Like broadcasting live football games during the season,

carrying college games, local schools, etc Broadcast a live concert this last Friday night: Randy Houser for CANCER research, etc


Marylou Garner






I have been using Digilink automation for over 11 years. I never had any problems with DL3. Love the purchase options and love the customer service.


Dwight Douglas







I like the ability to log on remotely and the fact that it is .mp3 based.


Shane Willis






Easy to use, very reliable!


Dan Pike






The automation for satellite services is the easiest I have ever used. Very user friendly.


Ryan Carlson






I like that I can use any off the shelf PC. Any issues I have had, has always been a PC issue, so being able to swap computers really helps.


Chris Roberts







I like how easy is to add a song when it is requested. Nice Live interface, makes it easy to use.


Mark Lucke







It is simple to work with, very straight forward, it does what you ask it to do.


Dave Kirby







I have been in the radio business for over 50 years and recommend Arrakis Automation to anyone over any system. It is the greatest thing that ever happened to radio and if I were to rate Digilink on a scale of 1-10, 10 being excellent, I'd give it a 15.



Ivy Robinson






Digilink-Xtreme is powerful, flexible and the best value for your money. Digilink-Xtreme allows you to have a powerful automation program without the hassle and expense of proprietary hardware. Adding or moving scheduled programs whether local or Satellite fed is easy. Training jocks for use is almost unnecessary as the user interface is easy to understand. Tech support actually listens and tries to help cure any issue quickly without being overbearing. Xtreme gives the flexibility of systems that are 10 times more expensive and I recommend it for any station. I could type a book on how it's helped.







WTKC 89.7 FM


Our station is listener supported which limits our live on-air time. The Digilink-Xtreme software is great for this because if I need to be away for the weekend, I can trust this software to do the job. It is also nice to know that scheduling can be done so easily without separate software for "time clocks". Even when there have been hiccups in our system which may have caused an error for Digilink, the support team has always been more than accomodating! It is nice to have confidence in your support team; it is like having insurance. We have been using Digilink since our station went "On-Air" and it has been simple to learn and easy to use.


Juan Salinas

WTKC Radio





2006 & 2009 Indiana Broadcasters Association Station of the Year


WMRS Radio in Monticello, Indiana has been using Digilink products since 1995. In 2009 we decided to go with the new DigiLink-Xtreme.


The Digilink-Xtreme arrived at our station quickly and we were able to begin installing the system immediately. I like the ease of installation of the Digilink-Xtreme. I was able to do the installation of the system myself without the cost of bringing in our engineer. If I encountered any problems I did not fully understand a quick call to Arrakis got me a tech person, who was able to solve the problem and explain what I did wrong in easy to understand terms.


Ease of operation is also something the Digilink-Xtreme provides to even the most inexperienced operators. We are able to record spots, news, weather and announcements and upload them directly to the Xtreme with speed and ease. Our station is automated overnight and Xtreme has been able to handle all of our satellite changeovers each hour without as much as a single hiccup.


I would recommend the Xtreme to any station no matter how big or how small without any hesitation at all. In 2009 we were awarded the Indiana Broadcasters Association Station of the Year Award and I feel our Digilink-Xtreme System played a big part in helping us win this honor.


Kevin R. Page

General Manager

Monticello Community Radio, Inc.

WMRS Radio






The Arrakis Digilink-Xtreme software has been the best investment our radio station has ever made. I took over as program director over two years ago, having never worked with Arrakis before. We started as just an AM station running automated national programs with a few local fillers here and there, and an FM that was programmed by a nationally syndicated Dial-Global service, and for that, Digilink-Xtreme worked perfectly. We rarely had problems with the software itself and our AM and FM stations plugged along, mainly on its own through the Xtreme software. We were very happy with the capability and price of Xtreme for our stations and didn’t really think more about it.


The stunning revelation of Xtreme’s capability came for us when we decided to start running programming locally on our stations. Myself and the GM are both huge baseball fans, so we decided to start carrying the Houston Astros on our AM station. At first we were worried about trying to find a reliable board-op who could run 162 games each summer, and we wanted to be sure our revenue would far exceed the cost of having the board-op. One day I was putting in our traffic and noticed the “Game” function on Digilink-Xtreme. Instead of finding solitaire, which I secretly hoped to find, an entire new window opened. I didn’t know what it was, so I called Arrakis support, they explained it to me, walked me through set up and presto, the Houston Astros were completely automated through Digilink-Xtreme. To that day we had never even conceived that Xtreme, being priced so reasonably, would be able to handle something like game automation. We were further impressed the first time the Astros faced a rain delay. Xtreme handled it without issue. It went back to programming and when the network was ready to resume, Xtreme was equipped to join them immediately and without a hiccup in programming. At this point we thought we had uncovered a great extra feature from Digilink. Turns out, we had only just begun.


In January 2009 our FM station, KJDL-FM changed from the nationally run “JACK-FM” to a country format. We continued to take a nationally syndicated service, but added our own morning show. The plan was to use the syndication, but slowly add in local programming. Our morning show was a team of old guys who would be more comfortable with 8-track cartridges than they would a computer, so they used CDs exclusively to run their music. When I decided to pick up an afternoon drive board shift a month later, I had the idea of loading all of our music into Xtreme to simplify my work on air. The results were phenomenal! The process of running the programming on Xtreme was so simple that even the old boys in the morning picked up on it and started using it themselves.


As our programming expanded we learned so much more. We had not voice tracked a second of programming up until two months ago when we wanted to expand our local hours without expanding man-power. Xtreme’s voice tracking capability is unmatched in its ease and ability. We voice track those hours where we need a local presence but not a higher payroll.


We still take the syndication service, but now mainly overnights. We’re required to run their dayspots as well, but the process of downloading them from the server and trying to follow their complicated logs is a hassle for our traffic manager. No fear, Xtreme is set to auto record spots off the network satellite and put them in automatically. The transition to local programming has been unbelievably simple and it’s all thanks to Xtreme.


When we were nationally syndicated, we had Xtreme to thank for keeping us on air. Now that we’re locally programmed, we have Xtreme to thank for keeping us on air. This software is the best investment any radio station could make. As a program director, I put my 110% seal of approval on this software and would recommend it to anyone looking to make their station’s automation, voice tracking, or just on-air work easier.


Jess Walker

Program Director


Lubbock, Tx




Mid-America Radio Group


Our company Mid-America Radio Group owns 12 radio stations in the state of Indiana. Four of these stations have been using DL 3 for the past 10 years. (Two are still in use and working)


Over the past several years we have put in new automation equipment at several of our other stations in our group. This included 'brand X', and 'brand Y'. (bad news)


In June of 2008 we up-graded one of our AM stations WMYJ-AM and we were looking at automation. I decided to try the DigiLink Xtreme I had very poor results with 'brand X' and 'brand Y'. Plus the cost of the Xtreme was much more affordable for this small 500 watt day timer.


I was very very very surprised by the ease of installation and by how well it preformed.


The most impressive part was the LIVE and knowledgeable support that you get from Arrakis. When I called they were able to get on line with our system and walk and talk us through any situation.


In October of 2009 WMYJ-FM a Non Com FM 88.9, the DL 3 died and we were faced with replacing it ASAP. I was so impressed with the Xtreme I decided to buy another one for this station. After delivery within 3 hours the system was installed and ready to load with audio.


The bridge uses the same wiring as the DL3. You do not need to purchase an external (costly) switcher. The unit has been flawless since installation.


Then in late December 2009 our DL3 at WVNI was starting to die, so again I ordered another Xtreme, WVNI is a 6000 watt Contemporary Christian Music station.This station has live hours, live ballgames, and automation local hours. Same story easy install, and great support. We put it in operation January 14. So far very few problems.

I have decided that if any of our other stations needs new automation, the DigiLink Xtreme is the choice for me.


Steve Ross

Corporate Operations/Engineering

Mid-America Radio Group






Having assumed the role of Station Manager in May 2008 – I wasn’t prepared for the challenge awaiting me. The station’s automation software was a DOS program operating in Windows 98. There was no drag and drop ability, so all files required real-time recording. With the station being in the throes of the current economic crisis, a new “quality” automation system was not in the foreseeable future.


After struggling with the system for the last fourteen months – the station’s operations were regressing to a point of diminishing returns. I’d reviewed many software packages, only to realize the better quality systems were well beyond our budget. Being an IT professional in Corporate before retiring, I specialized in software evaluations, acquisitions, implementation and training. My career required that I knew quality software with regards to power, durability and use-ability. So what I expected of software – required top dollar.


After looking for months for suitable program we could afford, back in November, I’d decided to settle for an economical automation program. I’d decided that an average program is better than the old dated system we were currently using. I had resigned to just acquiring the basic automation program. However, one night, just before I was about to order the program – the Spirit told me to take one more look on the web. So I Googled once again – and my search returned a link to Arrakis-System website. The rest is history.


Man – talking about prayers being answered – having limited funds – and being able to acquire a top shelf, multi-component automation package – with hardware! WHAT A BLESSING!


After evaluating the program – I am still in awe at the quality, practical design and power of Xtreme! The program is designed for practicality, convenience and proficiency! Furthermore, the cost! Being less than a normal support package cost is simply unbelievable!


We are in the process of setting the system in place now – giving the proprietary nature of the older system’s audio requirements – we are rebuilding our song catalog and other audio files.


I am excited about the software and the console we purchased also. For us it will be like moving from horse and buggy to a jet liner. The program you are offering is certainly blessing for smaller financially strapped stations! Now we can drive a Rolls-Royce on a “go-cart” budget.


Rev. Lester A. Smalls,

Station Manager

WAAW, 94.7 FM Rejoice Radio




When we added KAKJ to our radio network there was no doubt of our choice for our automation system. We already were using Arrakis products with our original station KCLT so it was just common sense to use the Digilink for KAKJ. Arrakis was with us all the way from the price to the support to installation and any other needs that we have. Digilink is very easy to use and anyone can learn how to use it quickly. The manual and tutorial videos are great. Digilink has all the features we need for our stations whether it's automation, satellite, or live programming. We have been Digilink customers for years and look forward to many more years of a great relationship.





We have used Arrakis products for many years but have enjoyed the Digilink Xtreme most. This powerful software has been the tool that has helped us compete with much larger stations with much larger budgets. Digilink Xtreme pilots both of our stations and has proven it is capable to tackle any application and produce Xtreme professional results.


On WBMZ, Xtreme starts our day with a syndicated morning show from 6 to 9 AM allowing us to operate the station unmanned. Using the floating breaks, scheduling could not be easier. The system does exactly what it is programmed to do at exactly the right times. At 9 AM Xtreme flows seamlessly into hard disk operation and plays music selections from the library in ultimate high quality sound.


The way the voicetracking system is designed, allowing crossing, etc., we are able to sound just as big as the big boys! We love the way our timed records work, allowing us to pick up news & network commercials for playback when we choose. This feature too operates flawlessly!


On WHCG our gospel satellite feed is covered 24/7 without a single failure. Windows based networking allows us to produce something in one room and simply send it to the other in seconds after it is put together using X-edit, another powerful feature that is part of Digilink Xtreme. There are so many other features we have not yet even used but plan too in the future.


Finally, the best feature of Xtreme is not a feature, it is the price of operation, unbeatable. Arrakis-Systems has provided support on several issues since we put Xtreme on the air and have always stayed with us until any problems were resolved. WE LOVE Xtreme and use it proudly!


Steve Lawson

Operations Manager


Metter, Georgia




KCLT 104.9 F.M. Helena-West Helena has been a customer of Arrakis-Systems for many years. Our first system was the Digilink II. Later we upgraded to the Digilink III. As we continued to grow, we upgraded to the Digilink IV. And now we are using the Digilink Xtreme. Arrakis has been there every step of the way with great telephone support not to mention a cutting edge and user friendly product. When we upgraded the Xtreme software to the 2010 version we were blown away with how crisp the interface looked as well as the powerful new features while at the same time retaining the easy to use features that makes Arrakis' products a joy to use. Here's to over 15 years of great service and we look forward to many more with Arrakis-Systems.




This new Arrakis Extreme is fantastic. It is a very powerful system, and a large improvement over the last automation system used in our station.


Sunday's in a Gospel station are very hectic, and time consuming. This system has cut the time it takes so much, that it feels like something is being left out. The software is not complicated. We had it going in short time, and the Arrakis Support is fantastic.


There is a lot to learn in this software, but fixing small bugs is a breeze. Set-up with 3rd party software is a breeze for automation logs. The satellite switcher works fantastic, and makes for a smooth transition.


The first use of this system was simple, and nearly self-explanatory. The manual is simple, and easy to understand. Thank you Arrakis for this excellent automation system. Life is easy at the station.


Alan Butler

Heflin, AL






We at WKNG-FM, replaced a Digilink III with a fully configured Digilink-Xtreme and wondered why we waited so long. The step up from a DOS-based system to a Windows environment can't be over stated. At the moment, we are simply using it with a satellite-based format, but in the future plan on using it for locally recorded shows and possibly voice tracking. It interfaced seamlessly with our current trafic system (Natural Log) and has proven to be much more convenient than the older system. All in all, a great step forward for WNKG-FM !




Digilink-Xtreme is a great automation program... love it! love it! Have work on other automation programs but Digilink-Xtreme is easy to schedule on the fly; you can program and do scheduling from anywhere. It’sa small radio station in itself. I have passed this on to other friends. The cost is great for stations who are working with small budgets. The yearly upgrades are nice and easy to adjust to. Call with a question and you will always get a live person or voice mail with a quick call back. So why not Arrakis Systems Digilink-Xtreme ?


Gregory Cooper

Program/Music/Production Dir.

Gospel AM 1490 WMBM

New Birth Broadcasting Inc,.

North Miami, FL.






What do I like about Digilink-Extreme? Wow, where do I even start!!


We started using the Digilink Extreme automation system about three or four years ago and it has been the single BEST upgrade we have made to our station since purchasing it 5 years ago!! We first got the system in November I remember this because the Thanksgiving holiday as just a couple weeks after we installed everything, and it was also the first weekend we had off in a long long time. We set it up, loaded all our songs and carts, scheduled the whole weekend and let it run, I listened all weekend long from my house just waiting for it to hang up or something causing me to have to run to the station to fix it, never happened! (Our previous system hung up a lot) It has worked almost flawlessly ever since.


We carry a lot of sports, Pro, college, local, and they all come from different sources. The Digilink-Extreme system allows us to run ball games fully automated even on the weekends when no one is at the station! We can even go from one game to another flawlessly, and the breaks in the games work so that we have a very smooth and professional sound.


We also love how the logs keep track of our BMI reporting, what used to take a long time now is a simple email and we are done!


One of the very best things about the system isn’t the software, or the hardware it’s the people at Arrakis, we have used the technical support several times for little things as we have learned the system, and for some bigger things that we messed up!, and have found the folks at Arrakis to always be friendly and helpful. The people there have even taken our suggestions and worked them into the updates, like the don’t load the next hour till the timed record is done, or the end game function in the schedule for multiple games, the listen to us, we like that! Never have we not gotten a call back right away, never have we not gotten concern from the person we talked to, never have we not gotten the help we needed, the customer service is the very very best part of the system in my opinion and is worth the money we spend all by itself.


We would never ever go back, never change systems, we love it! And have recommended it to several other stations. Can’t wait for the new update and see what things have been added this time!


Rob Clutter

Owner, WMSR Radio

107.9 FM – 105.1 FM – 1320 AM

Manchester, Tullahoma - Tennessee






WNEV came on the air January 1, 2009 but our relationship with Arrakis goes back over fifteen years. After using the Digilink for all of those years when it came time for WNEV to go on the air we wanted Arrakis to be with us. And they delivered. They got us a state of the art computer along with their bridge and the Xtreme software. Everything was so easy to set up and use and the technical support was excellent. Now with three radio stations we have three Digilink Xtremes and they keep us running whether it's live, automated, or satellite. We are long term customers of Arrakis and we look forward to many more years of service.






Throwing away the carts in the early 90's was a scary prospect. Here was this computer thing that was going to run WNTK, then an AM daytimer, and one of the first all talk stations in New England.


The original Digilink arrived at WNTK almost 20 years ago. Today, Digilink is the engine that's run the stations ever since. Digilink I, Digilink II, and now Digilink Xtreme give us a seamless sound.


Like Digilink, we've matured, too. WNTK is now on FM and AM. NewsTalk 99.7 WNTK occupies revenue and leadership positions in our market. We simulcast on our sister station, 1490 WUVR. In fact, a separate Digilink Xtreme runs breaks unique to WUVR giving us the ability to sell two stations featuring geographically-targeted advertising to our coverage areas in both New Hampshire and Vermont. Digilink Xtreme is more than our audio's cash flow for WNTK and WUVR.


And just like the (not so) little audio engine (Digilink I) that could almost 20 years ago, WNTK has grown up. In January 2010, WNTK was the originating station for "The Rush Limbaugh Show." Rush's fill-in host, Mark Steyn, lives in the WNTK coverage area. Premiere Radio asked us to originate Mark as he fed the "EIB Network." Audio used (sound bites, drops) for Mark's shows ran off WNTK's Digilink Xtreme!! Portions of the most-listened-to radio program in North America came from a Digilink Xtreme. That's a powerful endorsement.


We've just gone through the software upgrade and our operators and talent love it!


Thank you for more than twenty years of reliability. Oh, and the same goes for the 1200 series board we've had, too!


John Harper

WNTK Morning Show co-host

NewsTalk 99.7 WNTK/1490 WUVR

New London/Hanover/Lebanon, NH





The Xtreme is a relatively full-featured automation system that can handle local programming, ball games, and multiple satellite networks. The monthly payment program is not only affordable but provides peace of mind I have the latest features at no additional cost.


Howard Monroe







WPDC was one of the early subscribers of the Arrakis Digilink Xtreme system. We found it to be immediately superior to other automation systems I was familiar with, specifically the "Games" feature. Since we are primarily a sports format station, we run professional baseball for a total of 160+ games a year, run all Westwood One NFL games (3 on a Sunday every weekend during the season plus Monday, Thursday and Saturday games plus all play off games), run the Westwood One NCAA basketball schedule in addition to Notre Dame and Pitt college football.


Every single game runs using the "Games" feature and we are on the verge of wrapping up the current NFL season by running the Super Bowl next week....and every single game in 2009 and so far in '10 have run absolutely perfect! They run so flawless that I don't think a live operator could do any better!


On a daily basis, we switch networks at least twice a day, plus add news from another source, both live and delayed (recorded by Xtreme), all unattended. The system has never left us down. We use the "Games" feature to run all our high school and local college sporting events as well. Those run with live assist (since there are no network automation cues) and our operators have found this feature extremely easy to use and mistake free.


Our station has saved tens of thousands of dollars annually by not having to staff these sporting features. Also, the customer support is second to none, if we need help solving a problem, incidentally, we have not had to ask for help for about the past 2 years. Sure can't complain about that!!


John Hess

WPDC, Elizabethtown, Pa.






In my 37 years of existence I have been involved in Radio for 24 of them. My late Father built two Radio Stations in West Alabama and I was hooked at a young age.


I can remember the days of turntables and cart machines and our multiple rack automation system that could play reel to reels, carts, and switch between audio sources. This old automation was a workhorse and while it was big and bulky it had everything in one place, all the pieces if you will were all right there.


Now fast forward to today, you need a PC with high quality sound cards, a external switcher that rarely has enough inputs, in most cases you have to also add a external input device for satellite triggers and such. And let’s not forget the nightmare that can take place when it comes time for these external devices to be able to communicate with the PC in a reliable manner. All of this can work well with some time and help from support after you have purchased the “service and support plan” and the expensive software and in some cases hardware from them. Or you can subscribe to the simple idea that everything can consist of a standard PC with one external piece of hardware all for a low monthly price with full support and updates as well.


If you haven’t taken a hard look at Digilink Extreme I would highly recommend you do so, this system can do it all. Have you ever tried to fully automate a Nascar race with rain delay switching?, well with Extreme it’s ready to do it. And just like that old workhorse multiple rack system, this workhorse can do everything it could do and much more, all in one place ready to go out of the box. I can only imagine what will be running the station 24 years from now, but I am confident that Arrakis will be there.


Wayne B. Grant, GM, CE





We have been using the Digilink-Xtreme since 2004 and we haven’t looked back. We did the research and talked with a dozen automation providers, and when everything was said and done, the Digilink-Xtreme stood high above the rest in many facets. The Digilink-Xtreme is top of line technology that is affordable, user friendly, multifunctional and it works. Plainly and simply, it works.


So, why Digilink-Xtreme ? The main answer is “ease of use”. What could be better than an MP3 or WAV formatted automation software that uses a regular PC to run your radio station? What could be better than an automation system that allows you to drop your audio, spots, show segments, liners, promos … well, whatever audio you need to import, right into the system from any editing station on the network? What could be better than an automation system that works amazingly well with our trafficking software, and allows for superb automations sequencing as well as real hands on control during live programs? As we are an “All Talk” station nothing could be better than a system that does more than we could have asked for, in that it is designed for music and sports as well as talk.


With yearly software updates, a standard PC based operating system, top of the line service, the easiest to install and operate…the question should be… Why NOT Digilink-Xtreme?


Ok, that sounds like a commercial tag line… but it is all true.


I shouldn’t say this, but because of the very affordable initial coast, and the low fees for the bridge controller, but sometimes I feel like we are cheating Arrakis Systems out of something really big, as they should be charging much more for this fantastic automation technology.


Shhhh…. I think that will just be our little secret.


Shane Willis -

Executive Office of Operations

WTKF 107.1 FM “The Talk Station”

Morehead City, North Carolina






Earlier this year, when we were looking for a replacement/upgrade for our FM station, we naturally looked at our needs, wants and then our budget. Then we looked at the options. The stand-out choice was clearly Digilink-Xtreme


Not being one who enjoys change, I began the buying process playing devil's advocate- expecting over-priced systems and hard- to-use applications.


I called several stations who were currently using Digilink-Xtreme and each one freely praised the ease of operation and the level of professional support.


I even drove to another station to watch Digilink-Xtreme in action. When I saw the system seamlessly switch from satellite mode from a live shift and then start an Atlanta Braves baseball game on its own. I was ready to buy. Then came the real shocker... I didn't have to buy. I simply licensed the software to be used on my computer and that's that.


Sure, there was a learning curve, but the Arrakis support team walked me through every situation unique to our day to day operation.


Did I mention I didn't like change.. well this was one change I'm glad I made. We are able to program long-form programs, background recordings, stop-sets and more- in fact, everything we need to sound professional and competitive in the market place.


Dennis Banka


Banka Media, Inc







I own and run a small market talk station. When our previous automation system puffed its last breath, I needed something I could install and learn quickly,that wasn't going to kill the budget, and that would run our local talk shows as well as 4 national and 2 regional networks. Most importantly, I wanted to be able to use off-the-shelf hardware that my own techs could maintain. Digilink Xtreme seemed to fill the bill and for the last 4 years I have never looked back. Simple to use but able to handle all of my needs, the more I learned the better I liked it. I can run it from anywhere with simple consumer software. I'm able to do unattended local remotes with no problems. Local or network ballgames are a breeze. When an occasional glitch has cropped up, the Arrakis support team has had a quick answer. Preparing to add a second unit. You can spend more money for automation, but why in the world would you???


Howard Monroe

1370 WVLY


I would like to offer my overwhelming gratitude for the outstanding service and wonderful products at Arrakis Systems. First of all, Digilink-Xtreme is a very user friendly application and with the monthly fee, it has made our dream of starting a Charitible Radio Station a reality which would have been impossible otherwise. Then, there is the team that comes along with this remarkable product. A team of people who care so deeply about their customers and the products that they provide, that they will spend their precious time educating their clients on technical issues far beyond what is required. With the education and patience provided by Arrakis Systems, our recording studios at have not only been built beautifully, but complimented on by each person who visits our studios. Thank you Arrakis for creating a product that so many can use easily and for being there to help guide us as we all follow our passion to broadcast with quality and pride.



David Trudrung





After being involved in Radio since 1975 I have always found myself being stuck in the old school ways. By the time automation came around I had already moved up into managament. So needless to say I always hired people that knew how to operate all this new fangled stuff so I never took the time to learn it myself and I am not just talking automation but computers in general.


About 4 years ago I partnered with an old friend and bought a small station in Alabama. Not having much of a budget left after buying the place and getting the infrustructure in working order I had a problem. No Money to hire a staff nor an automation system. I was unsure what I would do. After having dealt with Arrakis numerous times over the years buying the studio furniture I was in need of a modification to a piece to fit the new station.


While on the website I noticed that Arrakis was offering an automation system that could be leased at an extremely affordable rate. I was overjoyed that someone had a system for us poor folks. After ordering and installing it the joy suddenly turned to fear! Here I now have an automation system installed BUT who am I going to get to set it up and operate it.


After once again looking at the check book I realized "it's me." Thank God that all of you at Arrakis were real helpful at helping me with the initial setup (thanks by the way for the countless hours of free support).


But if I had to say what the one thing is that I like the most; Ease of use! Within just about 2 month,s a total novice like myself was able to learn, operate and teach other people how to use the Digilink. I had never ever operated an automation system before and here I am operating this thing like I had been doing it forever.


Now that I am a TOTAL PRO at operating the Digilink I have discovered that you really get a lot of bang for the buck! Besides automation you get editing software and a music scheduler and it all works. An engineer friend at one of the big companies asked now that you have money coming in are you going to spring for one of those big named systems? So I told him look The Digilink Extreme is extremely easy to learn and operate, it has Editing software, It has Music scheduling software and when it comes to support they are second to NONE! so why should I go out and shell out $15 or $20 thousand dollars on a system that will also leave me needing to buy editing and music scheduling software.


I can lease the Digilink Extreme from Arrakis for the rest of my life and it will not cost me as much as buying one of those other systems. So for me it is a no brainer. If you need an Affordable, easy to learn & use Editor, Music Scheduling Automation System with Fast and always friendly support with free annual update,s then relief for you is spelled ARRAKIS DIGILINK EXTREME. Thanks Guys for me you were/are a life saver!!


Pat Sullivan

WAPZ 1250 / 95.7

Montgomery AL.




I began using the Digilink automation in 1991 so this should really age me. At many stations over the years, I have used Digilinks, no matter what version they were on, to start CD players, play Hard Drive Audio, Satellite for Music and Talk stations, and good old Live Assist. I still have some stations using Digilink 3. The ease of usage of the Digilink at the time was a plus, especially at a time when not a lot of announcers were well versed with the operation of computers. Add to that some of the most reliable tech support that I had dealt with and it was a winning combination. They were so reliable!


My fondest memory regarding early automation, and Digilink specifically was how happy we all were that we could spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day home with our families for the first time ever, and never have to worry about the Digilink messing up. While we still listened at home to make sure everything was ok, we were at home, and that was something that was a treat for people like us, who struggle to find part-time announcers in small markets to work on holidays. At that time too, I was so impressed by the reliability, and simplicity of the Digilink, no matter what challenges were presented to me by Programming. Believe me, Programming presented some challenges too.


Fast forward the clock to 2009. My Group Chief Engineer, Charles Lelievre opted to use Digilink Extreme for my stations WEDJ/WSYW in Indianapolis. We had an automation that we had outgrown, and with a pending format change for WSYW we wanted something that was not only reliable, but cost effect as well. I should say right here that I had not used Digilink Extreme before, and I had many questions. When the PC’s arrived for WEDJ, and WSYW, it was just like going back in time. In the box were all the items I needed to wire up the station, including the tools. The instruction books were concise, and the added documentation on-line made this latest Digilink experience a good one as well as the ones in the past had been. I joked with Programming that this truly was a radio station in a box!


I was pleasantly surprised to find that the hookup was basically the same for the Digilink Extreme as hooking up Digilinks had been years before. The addition of the Bridge to the mix made installation very easy. The Bridges hookup via USB allowed me to put it in a place that I could easily access to make changes in configuration quickly. Add to that the scheduling program for music, the ease of useage, and it is a winning combination.


Before the system arrived, I downloaded the Demo of the Digilink Extreme, and played with it. I read all the documentation and called Tech Support to ask questions. To my surprise, the tech support was even better than it had been years ago. The question that comes to mind first was when I asked, “What happens if I go off the air at 2 am?” We all know that stations go off at the most inopportune times and as with any automation this is a valid question. The answer I got was most interesting, “We have a lot of systems out there, and unless there is a lightning strike, if one reboots the PC, everything will be ok”. For older engineers calling the answer back would have been, “Yeah, right”, but I remembered back to the early days of Digilink and remembered that unless a file was cross-linked, that the solution was exactly that, a reboot.


We proceeded with the installation of the system, and have one Digilink Extreme on the air right now. After the Christmas holidays, the other will go on-line. The tech support staff with Digilink Extreme worked with Programming closely to make the transition seamless. Networking the machines was also a simple thing, and the automatic conversion of mp3 files within the Digilink Extreme program made the migration of files from the old automation to the Digilink a snap. We were able to get the files migrated, scheduling done, and the format change implemented within the time allotment.


Overall, I am, again, a pleased customer. The addition of the automatic monthly billing will also make the purchase of a Digilink Extreme attractive to small market stations as well. The combination of on-line help, combined with the human tech support has made our transition to Digilink Extreme an enjoyable one! Thanks again!


Bob Henning

Chief Engineer


Indianapolis, IN



Radio Entrepreneurs


One thing I like about Arrakis Xtreme is the ease of use. The Xtreme automation software is not complicated at all and the clocks are very easy to adjust. The files go in quickly and easily and editing tags is so easy. I also love the recording feature. It is so simple to use. I also love how affordable Xtreme is. I encourage any station, big or small, to consider Xtreme.