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On Air software for Radio

Perfect for Broadcast & Internet Radio
Live On Air & Production
Streaming Radio Server support
Works with Streaming service providers
Produce & Distribute Podcasts
over 10,000 Hot Keys
over 10,000 event Play Lists
supports title-artist data for streaming
supports RDS data for encoders
supports traffic reconciliation
supports Windows 7 PC computers


NEW~WAVE~LITE... is a Windows PC based software solution for today‘s and tomorrow’s professional radio applications. Not just a ‘Hot Key’ or ‘Multideck Cart Machine’ software product, it does both in a single package.

Thousands of audio files can be assigned to the ‘Hot Keys’ and three hot keys can be played at once. Any number and size of play lists can be saved for playback in the ‘Play list player’ which supports cart rotations, start-kill dates, and overlapping segues. It plays and records uncompressed wav, MP2*, and MP3* audio file formats. Use NEW~WAVE~LITE to play a live program while recording it for later playback.

Designed for both novice and professional alike, it has the simplicity required to get to air quickly and yet the sophisticated features for advanced users. Also, if connected to an Arrakis ‘Advanced Radio Console’ (ARC series), the console and software merge to complete a powerfully integrated radio workstation.

NEW~WAVE~LITE supports the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.

*MP2 and MP3 record codecs not included


Interface with Arrakis ARC series consoles...
When a PC running NEW~WAVE~LITE software is connected via USB cable to an Arrakis ARC series console, NEW~WAVE~LITE automatically displays the option in the Sound Card Setup to use the console‘s built in play-record sound card as its main sound card. If the setup option is selected, then the PC’s internal sound card will be used for a second play output for production and cueing. This merges the console and software into a powerful integrated radio workstation.

Types of Radio Applications...
NEW~WAVE~LITE is designed for file based audio playback and recording for on air or internet radio applications. The on air audio output can be sent to a transmitter for over the air broadcast and-or to another PC for streaming by SurferNetwork, Live365, or other service providers. Podcast programs can be recorded and then uploaded via standard FTP software to your server. NEW~WAVE~LITE supports the Hot Keys and Playlist for live on air play while NEW~WAVE~LITE features another player output to add scheduled Automation playback capabilities.

FTP, Smart phone, Network, and other external audio files...
NEW~WAVE~LITE supports the play of audio files received from nearly any source. The software features a file folder named ‘Import Audio’. This is where any new audio file should be recorded, transferred over the network, received from a Smart phone, or downloaded from an FTP site. The software checks audio files in this folder every few seconds. If the file size is changing as in a new recording, re-recording, FTP transfer, streaming source download, network transfer, etc, then the software waits before importing the file for play on air. Once the file is complete in the import audio folder, NEW~WAVE~LITE will transfer the file to the library folder and update the library directory in the software. This powerful feature allows NEW~WAVE~LITE to receive and play compatible audio files from any type of digital media source anywhere in the world.

Live On Air Hot Keys...
The on air screen features 24 assignable hot keys that can play up to 3 keys at a time. Over ten thousand custom hot key lists of 24 keys can be created for playback and hot keys from more than one list can be played at the same time.

Live On Air Play List...
The on air screen features a play list player. Over ten thousand audio files can be selected from the audio library and placed into this list. The list can be named and saved for later playback. The play list supports start and kill dates and cart rotations. The Hot Keys and Play List can be played at the same time to air without conflict.

Recording Programs for play On air, Podcasting, etc...
The on air screen features a recorder for recording a live program created by the Hot Keys and Play list. When connected to an Arrakis ARC series console, the recorder can record the main Program output of the console complete with a mix of the mic, NEW~WAVE~LITE audio, and all console channels. The live screen recorder uses the Windows Audio compression manager to select audio formats. NEW~WAVE~LITE supports record and playback of uncompressed PCM, MP2, & MP3 formats.

Perfect overlaps every time...
Every audio file can be tagged with an EOM time to start play of the next audio file. Listen to the end of the audio file in the NEW~WAVE~LITE Library screen and select the EOM point. When the file is played back in the play list the overlap will always be perfect.

Audio File Formats...
NEW~WAVE~LITE is designed for simultaneous play of uncompressed WAV, compressed MP2, and compressed MP3 audio files.

Adding Data to Audio Files...
Audio files can be recorded and edited in 3rd party audio software and then have data added to them for radio specific play. NEW~WAVE~LITE features a Library screen where audio files may be tagged with special data such as the overlap start time for the next file, the type of audio file (‘S’ for spot, etc), and much more.

Play Record Capabilities...
If the PC has the processing and memory capacity, NEW~WAVE~LITE can mix up to three audio files live on air, cue, and simultaneously record a program. It supports from 1 to 2 PC sound cards for live on air, and cueing. A minimum of two sound cards is suggested for simultaneous play on air and cueing The second sound card can be an external USB sound card.

Cart Rotations...
Eight character cart numbers are supported by NEW~WAVE~LITE. If a dash (-) is placed in the cart number then the following characters are the rotation number. Up to 99 audio files may be placed into a rotation. Spots (type ‘S’ events) will rotate sequentially while other type audio files will rotate randomly.

Start and Kill dates...
For advanced play list playback, NEW~WAVE~LITE supports start and kill dates so that out of date carts will not be played.

Autofill in Play List
When a file that has been selected does not exist in the library, NEW~WAVE~LITE will automatically select another file from the same cart type for play. Because this software does not need to fill exact length satellite stopsets, missing audio files will not be replaced from an autofill category. Instead, if the automation schedule hour is short due to missing files, the software will fill the remainder of the hour from a 4 event rotation of a type ‘J’ jingle followed by three type ‘M’ music events.

Play Log...
NEW~WAVE~LITE creates a play log of all audio events for viewing and printing.

Spot Logs & Traffic Reconciliation...
NEW~WAVE~LITE creates a play log of all type ‘S’ spot events in the Digilink-Xtreme standard format that is accepted for reconciliation by all major traffic software products.

Music Log & Reports...
NEW~WAVE~LITE creates a separate play log of type ‘M’ music files for reporting to Sound Exchange, BMI, etc.

NEW~WAVE~LITE supports data output via RS232 comport to 3rd party RDS encoders. Supported encoders are industry standard models: Audemat-Aztec, Inovonics, and BE.

Web Streaming Service Data Interfaces...
NEW~WAVE~LITE supports a variety of major streaming service providers via RS232 com port and file sharing: BE TRE, Live365, SecureNet, SurferNetwork, etc.

Selecting a PC...
NEW~WAVE~LITE is designed for operation on new model, Microsoft Windows 7 PCs. Both 32 bit or 64 bit operating systems are supported. A minimum of 4GB of RAM is recommended.

NEW~WAVE~LITE will also operate on PCs with Microsoft Windows XP. A minimum of 1GB of RAM is required. Use of Windows VISTA is not recommended. NEW~WAVE~LITE will not operate on earlier operating systems

Demo software...

NEW~WAVE~LITE will operate without a USB Key in a reduced function mode for demo purposes

Software Updates and Upgrades...
Software updates are available for free from the Arrakis website until the next ‘Version Upgrade’ is released. The next ‘Version Upgrade’ will be available for purchase.

Software Authorization...
NEW~WAVE~LITE is sold with a USB Key for authorization. The USB stick must be in one of the PC‘s USB ports for the software to operate. The stick is not specific to any single PC and may be moved from one PC to another.




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