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26 June, 2009
Arrakis Systems inc.
6604 Powell Street
Loveland, CO.
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News Release

Arrakis Systems inc. announces the choice of...
'CobraNet' by Cirrus Logic and
CobraNet products

“As a world leader in analog & digital radio consoles and PC based automation, we have been watching the "audio over ethernet" market since its inception. As of today, the Radio market for ethernet audio products has no standards and all of the many systems in the field are one of a kind, custom, & expensive. However, 'Cobranet' by Cirrus Logic was the first major manufacturer of products for ethernet distribution of audio and remains the largest manufacurer in this product area with ~1,000,000 nodes sold worldwide. Because of this, Arrakis has chosen to make its new 'AARC-NET' ethernet audio distribution system for Arrakis console and automation products to be 'Cobranet' compatible.

One of the major advantages of Cobranet is that it is supported by many equipment manufacturers, preeminent among them is AudioScience. Arrakis is excited to select AudioScience's CobraNet products as the core of our AARC-NET network audio systems.

Michael C. Palmer
Founder & CEO, Arrakis Systems inc.

.. 'AARC-NET' for Arrakis consoles and automation systems is shipping NOW !!!

26 June, 2009
AudioScience, Inc.
42 Reads Way,
New Castle,
Delaware 19720
Voice 302-324-5333

News Release

AudioScience... is excited to be teaming up with Arrakis, a company that’s been making cost-effective consoles since the ‘70’s. The partnership will allow a greater number of stations to benefit from studio CobraNet implementation since Arrakis’ AARC-NET is scalable, flexible, and easy to set up.

“CobraNet is the most successful implementation of audio over Ethernet in the world today,”

“ With AARC-NET, Arrakis offers a great, cost-effective solution for those who want to step into the CobraNet arena and are on tighter budgets.”

Richard Gross,
President of AudioScience.

About AudioScience, Inc.
AudioScience, Inc. designs, manufactures and markets digital audio peripherals for computer-based digital audio applications.

AudioScience is headquartered at 42 Reads Way, New Castle, Delaware 19720, with offices in Costa Mesa - California, Rochester - New York, Christchurch - New Zealand, and Singapore.

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