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Arrakis Systems has been a leader in studio furniture products for radio since the early 1980s. Thousands of studios have been designed, manufactured, and sold by Arrakis Systems for more than two decades. Our studios can be found around the world and in every size market, from New York to Italy to Tahiti.

Because of its origins in the console market, Arrakis pioneered the metal post and wood panel construction found in most high end radio studio furniture in use today. An internal metal structure dramatically improved manufacturing tolerances and made high quality modularity possible.

Arrakis' wood products manufacturing facility is world class, including a large capacity CNC (computerized numerical control) router for complex geometries and surfaces.

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With the introduction of its new ACCENT line of advanced component studio furniture for radio, Arrakis is going a step further. The metal structure is artfully integrated into the visible design decor of the cabinetry, creating an even more durable and attractive studio. As the result, ACCENT is a contemporary blend of brushed metals, pleasing colors, and interesting textures. Cabinetry and electronic equipment complement each other in such a way as to create a bold visual environment for talent, guests, and clients alike.

ACCENT is available in standard models as well as custom configurations. The hybrid metal frame & structural panel design combined with Arrakis’ state of the art CNC manufacturing systems easily tailors the final product to fit your exact studio’s size and shape. Simply choose the colors and textures to match your decor and let us do the rest.

contemporary brushed metal styling


a typical concept studio with ACCENT


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