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One huge audio library stored on hard disk with six players and one recorder in a compact rack mount cabinet... that is the Arrakis Digilink hard disk audio jukebox.

The DC6 is the ideal audio source for whole house audio systems. It is a professional product using the most reliable components available. As an example, to protect your audio library, the DC6 uses only SCSI hard drives and not inexpensive consumer quality IDE drives for audio storage. Even the CDROM drive is a professional quality SCSI drive for long life.

Six players, reliable, feature laden, and built by the originator of hard disk audio storage in the CEDIA market, the DC6 is the perfect choice for whole house audio systems.

Six Players...
Each of the six players can play the same song, a different song, or the same song at different points in the song, at the same time. Each player even has BOTH an analog and digital output to support all types of installations.

Four Ways to Record...
The DC6 can record audio onto its hard drive in four different ways. The first is to just drop a CD into the built-in CDROM drive. Close the drawer and the recording is automatic. The second way to record is to connect the DC6 to a PC with a USB cable. Simply send a song from the PC to the DC6 over the USB connection. The third way is to record audio directly into the DC6 from the rear audio record input. The fourth way is to let Arrakis supply the DC6 to you with a prerecorded audio library preinstalled.

All Leading Control Systems
The DC6 is not a stand alone audio jukebox. It is designed to be integrated into a whole house control system.

Typical control systems are Crestron, AMX, Xantech, Niles, Elan, Escient, Windows PCs, and more.

Easy serial control...
The DC6 has eight RS232 serial control ports on the back of the cabinet. Each of the eight control ports can control any one or all of the six players. Third party adapters can convert the serial control port to an ethernet port for network control. An infrared (IR) adapter can convert IR commands to serial commands.

Built-in CD recognition...
The DC6 has a database of over 500,000 songs built right into it to recognize a CD as it is being recorded. If the CD can't be found in the database, the DC6 will dial out over a phone line to an internet database.