Arrakis systems corporation
professional products for the Radio industry


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Arrakis Systems is a leading manufacturer of electronic and furniture products for a variety of professional audio industries: Radio, TV, Recording, Commercial sound, and Consumer sound.

Arrakis occupies a custom built sales, manufacturing, and support facility in Loveland, Colorado... nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, only 50 miles north of Denver

Major Arrakis product lines include mixing consoles for On Air Radio, Digital Audio Storage Systems for Live and Automated Audio Broadcasting, Multiple Output Hard Disk Audio Storage Systems for Commercial and High End Consumer Audio, and Studio Furniture Systems. Arrakis products are sales leaders in each product niche and are distinguished by innovative features, performance, and price.

state of the art electronics design and manufacturing facilities for thru-hole and surface mount products

Founded in the mid-1970s, Arrakis Systems has been a technology leader in hard disk audio storage systems, digital control of consoles for improved performance and reliability, high quality modular furniture systems, and much more. Today, Arrakis remains in the forefront of high tech engineering and manufacturing design.

on-site wood products manufacturing assures high quality and on-time delivery

Arrakis customers include prestigious broadcasts around the world from New York, to Tokyo, to Moscow, to Paris. Arrakis customers include the United States Air Force, Army, and Navy.

conference, product demonstration, and training studios for customer support

Arrakis Systems is committed to pushing the envelope and providing customers with new and innovative products developed from today's powerful emerging technologies.