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Arrakis Systems is the #1 manufacturer of satellite automation systems for Radio.

Thousands of our Digilink I,II,III,IV family of hard disk automation systems have been sold around the world since first introduced in 1990. We remain the leader in the field because we build our own digital audio hardware and do not simply write software for use on a 3rd party PC computer.

Introduced in 2001, Digilink-Free was a free radio software product from Arrakis Systems. It was designed to be extremely easy to use and to be as error free as possible while on air. Including live on air, hard disk on air automation, scheduling, and production capabilities, Digilink-Free was a complete radio station in a box. In 2005, Digilink-Free was superceded by the studio version of Digilink-Xtreme..

In 2004, Arrakis introduced Digilink-Xtreme. Xtreme is a unique blend of off the shelf Windows PC computer and Arrakis 'Bridge' hardware, creating the most powerful and yet reliable automation system in Radio. Xtreme continually evolves to meet the changing needs of the Radio market with new features added each year: RDS, internet streaming, advanced music scheduling, Windows 7 support... and much more.

Digilink- Xtreme is available in two ways. The 'Xtreme Solutions Program' is a $100 per month program similar to a monthly cell phone program where you receive harware, software, support, and upgrades for a low monthly cost. The 'Xtreme-Complete' product is a purchase of a complete system with PC, Bridge, software and one year of 'Xtreme Solutions Program' support.

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In 2011, Arrakis introduced the NEW~WAVE family of software products for Radio... cost effective software for small market, internet, church Radio, and similar radio applications. Where Digilink-Xtreme is designed for sophisticated multi-studio networked radio stations, NEW~WAVE is designed specifically to be easy to learn and easy to operate.

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The NEW~WAVE family... are Windows PC based software solutions for today's and tomorrow's professional radio applications. They are designed specifically for playing audio files from hard disk, internet streams, FTP stored audio files, MP3 players, smart phones, text to speech, and much more. NEWWAVE brings together all of the newest technologies to produce an exciting show for your radio audience. Play live broadcasts, automated broadcasts, podcasts, and stream for internet radio... all at the same time. Most important, NEWWAVE is quick to learn and easy to use. Designed for both novice and professional alike, it has the simplicity required to get to air quickly and yet the sophisticated features for advanced users. Highly fault tolerant, NEWWAVE will not allow dead air in automation. Also, if connected to an Arrakis 'Advanced Radio Console' (ARC series), the console and software merge to complete a powerfully integrated radio workstation. NEWWAVE supports the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.