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Advanced Component Studio Cabinetry for Radio
... Contemporary brushed metal and textured panel styling
... Metal frame and panel design is infinitely configurable
... Brushed aluminum pedestal corners add accents and strength
... Metal trimmed rack openings for style and durability
... High Pressure laminate table surfaces over 1.25" substrates
... Highest quality PVC table edge finishes, custom finishes available
... Advanced CNC router manufacturing for complex table geometries

A radio studio is more than simply a collection of electronic equipment and technical furniture, it is the stage on which live programs are performed & recorded programs are created. It is where form and function meet in a way to foster creativity and productivity. The electronic tools for talent must be easily accessible and close at hand while the support electronics is equally accessible by engineers for maintenance or repair. With the introduction of its new ACCENT line of advanced component studio furniture for radio, Arrakis meets these design goals in a new and unique way. The metal structure is artfully integrated into the visible design decor of the cabinetry, creating a remarkably durable and attractive studio. As the result, ACCENT is a contemporary blend of brushed metals, pleasing colors, and interesting textures. Cabinetry and electronic equipment complement each other in such a way as to create a bold visual environment for talent, guests, and clients alike. Whether configured for live air with a board operator, adding a guest or two, or a full host-cohost-multiguest talk show, the Arrakis ACCent line can meet your exact studio needs.

ACCENT is available in standard models as well as custom configurations. The hybrid metal frame & structural panel design combined with Arrakis’ state of the art CNC manufacturing systems easily tailors the final product to fit your exact studio’s size and shape. Simply choose the colors and textures to match your decor and let us do the rest.

a typical concept studio with ACCENT


contemporary brushed metal styling


the unbalanced 'U' configuration


clean, simple, elegant lines

a rear modesty panel or wire cabinet

flexible metal and panel design

in pedestal equipment racks
with rear access doors

a side Interview table option

a four foot, round Interview table option

an attractive and ergonomic design