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Sale... save $1,000 - $1,500

modular, analog console... now network enabled with AARC-NET

15 input channel modular mainframe
Three stereo Program output buses (with mono mixdowns)
2 inputs per channel (A/B) for a maximum of 30 inputs per mainframe
Powerful Phone system supports two phone lines
PC USB input module to play & record in digital from a Windows PC
Studio Monitor module for a separate Talk studio (optional)
Fast installation with RJ45 connectors (cables supplied)

Attractive, low profile, tabletop design
110-220VAC autosensing international power supply

The MARC-15 is a feature laden, professional analog console that is perfect for On Air radio, Production, and News applications. The modular design allows the console to be configured exactly to the studio's needs and to be easily serviced. The 15 channels with up to 30 source inputs meets even the largest studio's needs. Three output buses easily handles on air, background production, and a third mix for the most complex shows. The mainframe supports up to 2 phone modules for two simultaneous callers. The console even features a PC-USB input module so that the console can play from and record to a Windows PC in digital. The optional Studio Monitor module facilitates Control room-Talk studio applications. Also, installation is fast and easy with the attractive low profile tabletop design and the RJ45 terminated cables that come included with the console. The engineer only need terminate the other end of the cable for the specific source device. Prewired cables are an expensive option for competing products. The MARC console is even plugin compatible with Arrakis AARC-NET digital audio networking so that your studios can be connected with only a single CAT-5 network cable. With more than 30 years experience in the design and manufacture of radio consoles, the MARC-15 from Arrakis has the features, performance, and reliability that is required for professional radio applications.


MARC-15-12 for only $5,499 (save $1,000)
MARC-15-15 for only $6,499 (save $1,500)

fifteen channel mainframe with choice of input modules
MARC-15-8 8 input modules $4,999 msrp

MARC-15-12 12 input modules $6,499 msrp
MARC-15-15 15 input modules $7,999 msrp

an attractive, low profile design

The modular mainframe...
The MARC-15 is available in a single 15 channel mainframe. The mainframe is a fully enclosed steel cabinet with a rear hinging meter panel. The power supply is an external, autosensing 110-220VAC module. The meter panel contains meters for all three buses, a digital timer, and a built in cue/talkback speaker.

The modular mainframe allows the console to be configured for exactly the number of mics and stereo sources that you need. Being modular it can easily be reconfigured as those needs change. If not all of the 15 input module positions are initially filled, then there is room for expansion at a later date. Modularity is also an advantage if service is required. Spare modules can even be purchased as backups so that repair is immediate.

compact and low profile... just 37 1/2" wide and 20" deep

Four types of Input modules...

The ‘Output’ module comes standard with the console. The 8, 12, and 15 channel base models can then be configured with any combination of input modules that you choose. There can be a maximum of one ‘PC USB’ module, two ‘Phone modules’, and one ‘Studio monitor’ module per mainframe. Any number of mic or stereo line modules can be added until the 15 open modules in the mainframe are full.

Mic module
A/B inputs (two inputs per module)
Front panel trimpot adjustment
High performance mic preamps
48 VDC phantom power (internally selectable)
3 stereo output buses (Pgm, Aud, Utl)
‘ A’ input remote channel Turret control (on/off/cough/tally)
LED illuminated switches

The mic module features an extremely low noise monolythic mic preamp IC for extremely high mic performance. 48 volt phantom power can be internally selected for condenser microphones. The ‘A’ input supports complete remote studio control of channel on/off/cough/ and talkback.

Stereo Line level module
A/B inputs (two inputs per module)
Front panel trimpot adjustment
Active balanced input amplifiers
3 stereo output buses (Pgm, Aud, Utl)
‘ A’ input machine source start and stop logic is relay isolated
LED illuminated switches

The stereo line input module features extremely low noise and distortion input amplifiers. The ‘A’ input has reed relay isolated start and stop logic for source control. The relay isolation reduces pops and clicks and ground loops. The ‘A’ input also supports complete remote studio control of channel on/off/cough/ and talkback for when external mic preamps are used.

PC-USB input module
Play & Record in digital with a Windows PC (XP or VISTA)
USB sound card functionality built directly into the module
Connects to the PC by USB
Use Arrakis software (supplied) or... any Windows sound compatible software
Free Arrakis Xtreme Software
Triple play and simultaneous record
500 event Cart Play list (with overlap)
The Play list is controlled by the channel on-off logic
300 event Jingle wall
Phoner recorder-editor
much more...
Full Automation software (optional)
LED illuminated switches

The PC USB module is ideal for interfacing the console with a Windows PC (XP or VISTA). Because the hardware is Windows compatible, both Arrakis software and 3rd party software (such as Adobe Audition) will recognize and play/record from the module. The Arrakis software is also controlled by the module channel on-off switches to start and stop the playlist just like a cart stack. The module also features a Record button to start and stop manual records direct from the module. Multiple PCs are supported by using a USB module for each PC. Powerful Arrakis Xtreme software is supplied free with this module and full automation software is available as well under the Arrakis Xtreme-Solutions program.

Telephone module
The mainframe supports two phone modules
Each module controls a single external phone hybrid
Relay isolated logic for control of an external phone hybrid
Off-line button for caller & console operator only
Mix minus feed to the caller is a mix of Pgm-Aud-Utl
Cue button for listening to the caller only
LED illuminated switches

The MARC-15 supports two phone modules for two external hybrids. Each phone module (caller) has its own mix-minus bus that includes the other phone module (other caller). The convenient ‘Offline’ button switches the module so that the caller hears the console mic only and the console is fed by the caller. When not in off-line mode, the caller mix-minus is fed from a mix of the three output buses (Pgm, Aud, & Utl). Relay isolated logic control of the external hybrid is actuated by the module on-off buttons.

Studio Monitor module (optional)
This module is used to provide monitor and talkback functions between the control room (where the console resides) and a separate studio (usually a talk studio). The studio monitor feed is selected from an external input (usually Air) or the three main console buses (Pgm, Aud, Utl). If the studio is on air, Ext (Air) or Pgm will usually be selected. If the studio is being recorded for later playback, the the Aud or Utl buses would usually be selected.

A‘Talk to Studio’ button sends the control room mic to the muted monitor and unmuted headphone feeds that are fed to the studio. This enables the console operator to speak to the host and talent in the studio. The host and talent in the studio can ‘talk back’ to the console operator by activating the ‘talkback’ logic from their respective mic module which feeds their mic to the console cue speaker and console headphones.

Installation is fast & easy...

Fast & easy installation
All IO is by World standard RJ45 connectors
Cables with RJ45s on one end are supplied standard with the MARC-15
Optional cables are available with XLR and RCA on one end for convenience

The MARC-15 is quick and easy to install. The meter panel hinges up and back to provide fast access to the RJ45 IO connectors and trimpots. The cabling exits through the bottom rear of the console and can be either through the table or simply out the rear of the console above the tabletop.

Ten foot cables (connectorized at one end with molded RJ45 connectors) are provided for the output module and the ‘A’ inputs for the input modules. This is en expensive option for most consoles but is standard with the MARC-15.

The power supply is an external ‘brick’ type module that supports 110VAC - 220VAC for domestic or international installations. It simply plugs into the rear of the console.


The meter panel hinges for access to console I/O and trimpots


Ten foot cables (molded RJ45 on one end other end open) are supplied standard


The MARC is plug in compatible with AARC-NET...

A-rrakis. A-dvanced . R-adio . C-onsole - NET-work
Ethernet Audio networking for Arrakis consoles
Also supports Arrakis Digilink-Xtreme automation
Replaces cables and punch blocks with one CAT-5 cable
Uses world-standard ‘Cobranet’ (~ 1 million nodes installed)
Inexpensive, easy to install, easy to set up, easy to use

AARC-NET is a seamless integration of Arrakis consoles & automation, ‘Cobranet’ audio networking products, and Arrakis software. Cobranet is THE world standard in audio networking with over 1,000,000 nodes installed. All Cobranet products from different manufacturers work together to form a powerful audio network. The core of the AARC-NET network are Cobranet products from AudioScience. Plug-in compatible with the Arrakis ARC & MARC & X-MIXER consoles, installation & setup takes minutes. No more punchblocks or multipair cables. Changing a wiring connection is a simple software choice. AARC-NET is fast, easy, and inexpensive.

learn more about AARC-NET

Software Features...
The MARC-15 PC-USB module contains a built-in, Windows compatible, USB sound card for USB connection to a PC.

‘Free’ Digilink-Xtreme software for ‘Live On Air’ with the MARC-15
Arrakis Digilink-Xtreme software will recognize the MARC-15 PC-USB input module and operate in the ‘free’ mode to provide’Live On Air’ features that are ideal for broadcast, internet, or podcast style radio applications.

...control the PC audio Play List from the Console !!!
...500 event Play List for manually assembling a show
...Start & stop the Play List by turning console channel nine on and off
...Cue audio files through the console while playing On Air (uses PC sound card for cue)
...Jingle box supports playing any 3 of up to 300 carts at the touch of a button
...Set the fade parameters on Songs for perfect crossfades in the Play List
...Record the console Audition bus mix direct to the PC
...Phoner recorder / editor for recording callers
...supports up to 1000 audio files in the Library
...much much, more...

Digilink-Xtreme Software for Hard Disk Automation ($100/month)
For the ultimate in Automation, Digilink-Xtreme software (optional) provides complete hard disk based automation features for the MARC-15. Unlike standard Xtreme for satellite automation which includes the ‘Bridge’ routing switcher, Xtreme for the MARC-15 uses the console for audio playback & recording. Where satellite based automation selects between multiple satellite audio feeds, Xtreme for the MARC-15 plays entirely from audio files stored on the hard disk and does not control external sources at all. This makes Xtreme for the MARC-15 ideal for hard disk file based automation for broadcast or internet radio applications.

The power of this system lies in the merging of console and PC into a single integrated play and record studio. The ability to use the console to mix and control recording to the PC makes this system perfect for producing Podcast and other recorded programs. Use the MARC-15 console to produce your live air segments and then go fully automated for the rest of the day or week.

...cart rotations, start & kill dates, timed events, one week schedule, timed recording, more
...the Solutions Program provides software, phone training, phone support, & upgrades
...No contract required, cancel at any time if the Program doesn’t meet your needs
...less than the monthly cost of most cell phone, cable TV, & wideband internet services
...supports > 4000 audio files in the Library
...Automate up to a Week in advance with up to 100 events per hour
...Voice track your automated hours quickly and easily with Xtreme
...Music Scheduling, powerful and flexible is standard in Xtreme
...‘X-sched’ traffic software for a separate traffic office is standard with Xtreme
...Arrakis ‘X-Edit-Pro’ production software is ‘Free’ with the Solutions Program
...‘Xtreme-studios’ software for PC only News rooms and Remotes is standard with Xtreme live on air with the Console and then Automate the rest of your day or week
...Download Xtreme from the Arrakis website and try it out (